The way it is.

When I look around me in this human society that we’ve created, I see, for the most part, total insanity.  I don’t see it as being good or bad, or fair or not fair.  It is what it is, and it can’t be denied.  Resisting the insanity is, in itself, insane.  You cannot resist something that already is.  So, the best way to deal with it is to allow it to be what it is, and get on with life as you wish it to be.  Fighting against, or trying to change what already is, will only result in perpetuating that which you don’t want.  Sure, battles may, seemingly, be won, but the underlying cause will remain, waiting for the next opportunity to rise.  If you wish to fight battles, and gain illusionary pride from your victories, then that is certainly an option.  Yes, living in an illusion is an option, but not one that I would want to live.

I often come back to an old saying;”Ignorance is Bliss”, and, in a way, it is true. For example, if someone doesn’t know that something is dangerous, then they won’t be afraid.  Unfortunately, they may end up blowing their foot off with the gun that wasn’t loaded. If someone willingly chooses to bury their head in the sand, then that’s the way they choose to live, and they must live with the consequences of that choice.  We all have choices to make in this life, and each individual must choose their own path.  But, I find it strange that the majority of people are quite satisfied to allow others to make those decisions for them.  I can just hear all the minds saying, “I make my own decisions!!” Do you really?  Have you ever considered that the things you think and do have been programmed into your mind by others?

Advertising firms have known about human conditioning for a long, long time, and they have no problem in using it against the unaware.  Governments are also in on this one too.  Conditioning the faithful public will ensure better control, and ultimately result in what the government want’s the most, to maintain power over.  Oh! You thought the government was working for you?  In your dreams. Even individual people will use their conditioning against other individuals in order to gain something for themselves.

The biggest challenge any one individual will face in life, is their own mind.  Seeing it for what it really is, and allowing it to be that, but at the same time, knowing that what they think is not who they are.  Who they are is before what they think, and realizing this is our purpose in life.  Getting out of your mind long enough to see it for what it really is, is the challenge.  It is very difficult to stop your mind long enough to get a truer perspective from the watcher within, that which allows us to think.

There have always been some people who have realized this, but, being in a tiny minority, many of them were seen as fools, criminals, heretics or even as being insane.  However, numbers are now increasing within the ranks of the enlightened and, when a critical mass has been achieved, and those who realize who they really are gain sufficient momentum, there will be an acceleration of the evolutionary process of the transcendence of the human mind.  People will no longer be who they ‘think’ they are.  Instead, they will be who they are, and who they’ve always been, but were too conditioned to see it.

It’s so simple but, at the same time, so difficult.  Evolution was never meant to be easy, but when you get to see the process in action, from one point to another, it makes sense. We are all cogs in the same wheel going round and round and round.


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