With the RoadArk being outside the truck, there may be times that I, either, can’t setup the RoadArk, or, I don’t want to for one reason or another.  It could be that I’m just stopping for a quick bite to eat, or a cup of tea.  So, with that in mind, I created the MiniArk.

The MiniArk is strictly for use inside the truck.  It’s compact, and can provide the basic necessities of preparing a meal.  Let’s have a look at it, and as we go along, I’ll explain what everything is.

MiniArk front view

So, here we have the front view of the MiniArk.  As you can see, I’ve tried to carry-over some features of the RoadArk, so that they compliment each other.  The cigarette lighter power adapter is to power the small 12 volt pump that’s inside the MiniArk.  We’ll see more of that as we go along.

MiniArk left side view

Here’s a look at the left side of the MiniArk.  There’s a small handle for picking it up.

MiniArk right side view

In this view of the right side of the MiniArk, you can see the power wires for the pump coming out near the top rear of the unit.  Also, you can see the water tap.  Just underneath the grey pipe facing downward, and between it, and the MiniArk, you will see a small black square.  That is a switch.  When I apply pressure to that switch, with the rim of the container I want to fill, the water turns on, and when I release pressure, the water shuts off.  Very simple, but also very functional.

MiniArk with cover up

With the cover up, you can now see that I have a mirror on the back panel, just as I do on the bigger RoadArk.  It’s actually the same size mirror too.  Looking down to the countertop surface, you will see a small round white thing, protruding from the countertop.  That’s the covered end of a small 1 lb. propane cylinder.  My one burner propane stove screws on to that, once I remove the white plastic cover, of course.

I put a rim around the countertop surface, so that things wouldn’t slide off easily, in the close confines of the truck.  Also, the mirror on the back does double duty, by acting as somewhat of a heat shield, for when the one burner stove is in use.

MiniArk countertop closeup

A closer look at the countertop of the MiniArk.  I know that it’s a stretch calling it a countertop, but there is enough room for a cup and a bowl, or plate if need be.  Space is at a premium inside the truck, so I had to keep that in mind.

MiniArk rear view

In this rear view of the MiniArk, you can see the two sets of hinges, one for the top cover, and one for the bottom cover.  At the bottom there are also two screened holes, to allow for any propane leakage, although this unit will be inside the truck, so I really don’t know how effective those holes will be, but it seemed like a reasonable thing to do.

MiniArk interior

Inside the MiniArk, at the back, there’s the one burner stove, beside that is the 1 lb. propane cylinder that sticks through the countertop, next, there’s an assortment of enameled dishes, a cup, a bowl, a plate, and underneath there’s is a teapot.

In front, is a 2.5 gallon water container.  It has a small submersible 12 volt pump in it, which is connected to the switch on the outside of the MiniArk.  I don’t plan on taking this container out to refill it.  I’ll use a smaller, maybe one gallon container, preferably, a flatter type container that I can fit under a tap in a sink, so if I have to go into a store, or other business to get water, I won’t have any trouble trying to fit a tall container under the tap.


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