Holy Crap!!

This is usually a taboo subject for us humans.  We don’t like to talk about it, and we feel uncomfortable when we do have to.  If we’re forced to talk about it, we will often make it into a joke, because we feel uncomfortable.  The title I gave this page is a perfect example.  I’m no different from anyone else.  I’m human, and I have the same limitations as all humans.  It’s important to realise these things, and not hide them away, where even you can’t see them.

So, how will I manage, what we might jokingly refer to as ‘nature’s call’.  Well, certainly if there are facilities in the area where I happen to be staying, I will avail myself of them.  But, I will not always be within easy reach of facilities, whether they be full restroom services, or just a privy pit of some sort.  Many, if not most, of the free campsites in Canada that I have located under the campsites heading on this blog, do have , at least, some sort of pit privy.  Many of the BLM type locations in the southwest US, will not have such facilities.

Going on the road, takes on a whole new meaning in this case.  Again, my human side refuses to take things seriously, but, what the heck, if ya gotta go, ya gotta go.  While I’m travelling along the remote areas, it’s not hard to just pull over and hop into the bush for a quick ‘nature’s call’ break.  However, if I’m set up, especially if it’s my fullcamp setup, I will need ‘natures call’ facilities available to me, should they not be available nearby.  This is the second purpose for my shower stall.

Nope, I’m not going to dig a hole in there, although doing just that would work, and would be ten times better for the natural environment than the septic systems that many people have at their homes.  However, having an open-pit privy in my living shelter, is not my idea of a fun time.  What I have is a very simple version of a composting toilet, and I do mean ‘very simple’.

The Throne

A 5 gallon bucket, with a specially made toilet seat that attaches to it, is my throne, so to speak.  It is lined with those biodegradable bags you can get in nearly any grocery, or hardware store.  The idea is, that you go in the bucket, and then you spread a liberal handful of preferably moist sawdust, or other type of shredded organic material, over the deposit, and voila, the dirty deed is done.  Contrary to popular belief, these types of toilets are not foul-smelling.  The sawdust absorbs and seals in any odor, if applied correctly, and the toilet lid seals tightly also.

The Throne closed

When maximum capacity is reached, then it’s just a matter of disposing of the bag, by burying it in the woods, or some other appropriate place, where the composting can continue to break down the solids, and return them to the environment in a natural way.

Liquids should not be allowed to accumulate in this type of toilet.  To that end, I will have a plastic container available just for that purpose. One of the yellow coloured water bottles available would be perfect.  This is a little bit easier for us guys, because we have a natural dispenser built-in to our equipment.  When full, this bottle can be taken on a walk, or hike, and just unceremoniously dumped along the way, to provide some bush or tree with a bit of nutrition.  Just be careful not to mix this bottle up with your water bottle.  I know that this is perfectly acceptable on Man vs. Wild, but it’s not something that would go down too well, I would think.

So, when using my fullcamp setup, this bucket will be available in my shower stall, which will be hanging from the center loop on the inside of the tent.  When I want to use the shower, I just move it out, and then put it back when I’m finished.  Simple, easy, and effective.


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