Blissful Ignorance

Sometimes, when the mood strikes me, I like to put up more detailed explanations of why I do the things that I do as a complementary post to one that I’ve just posted. This is the case today, since I’ve just made a post about two new paddling routes.

This deserves a better explanation than the short version I gave in the post, so I intend to try and elaborate on that here.

Like I said in the post, if you go looking for trouble, you will likely find it at some point. This doesn’t mean that every time you do something that I might see as unnecessarily risky, you will pay for it. You may get away with doing things like that for a long time and even if you don’t think of them as being risky or not risky, not being aware may, eventually, bring hardships your way just the same.

Yes, having faith in life is real and true, but just blindly ‘hoping’ that everything will work out is not the same thing. We need to participate in life with the tools that life has given us all, so that our paths unfold in a natural and beneficial way.

There is a very fine line between living life true to who you are, and just burying your head in the sand and hoping that life will steer you right. In the first instance, you are actively living life, and in the second, you are hiding from it.

I use my ‘gut’ feelings way more often now than I did when I was younger. I had those feelings back then, but I either ignored them, or I was afraid of what others might have thought, if I chose to take them seriously. This is one of the ‘tools’ life has given all of us and we need to be aware of it and use it to our best advantage.

I refer to them as ‘gut’ feelings, but really what is happening is your true being is communicating with you and trying to help you. Your true being is not an individual, it is interconnected with everything that is. It is part of the one, or the wholeness of existence. It is beyond the limitations of the word ‘knowledge’. It is beyond the human limitations of thought.

Many times I’ll let situations ride, even if they seem to be headed in, what the logical mind might see as, not in my best interest. I do this because I haven’t yet had any ‘gut’ feeling about which direction to take. I know that, at some point, life will send me the ‘gut’ feeling that I need to point me in the direction I need to take, and life will send it when it needs to be sent. This is what having faith in life means. Life gives us the tools and it’s up to us to use them.


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