The End of the Beginning

Okay, so, as I mentioned in my last post, I need more storage space, in order to upload more pictures. Unfortunately, this has turned into a major issue for me. I can purchase more space, but WordPress is being a bit uncooperative about this, and they would rather I purchase a Premium Plan, rather than a space upgrade.

Of course, they are in this to make money, and this is the way business works, but I can’t go along for that ride. I’m retired, and I have a limited amount of funds to play with. Anything that will be an ongoing cost, in other words, something I will have to pay each month, or each year, is a no-no for me. I refuse to add ongoing costs to my lifestyle, at this point.

So, as I have always said, there are usually ways around something, and I have proven that many times over. What I have decided to do is, create another free blog, and just link this blog to it. I will also link the new blog back to this blog, and create a sort of train effect. The way things are set up in, I could do this indefinitely, if I wanted to.

Of course, I can’t use the same name, because that name is already registered just for the original blog. However, my original blog was actually named PresentlyTravelling, and I changed, only the title of the blog to Presently Wandering. I never registered Presently Wandering as my url. This means that I can now register PresentlyWandering as my new blog name, and url, so that part works out pretty good.

In fact, I did this quite a while ago, and I do have that new blog available to use. It’s just a blank slate right now, without any theme attached to it yet. This is one of the reasons I didn’t want to create another blog, because I really like the theme I have now, and it is no longer available to use, so I will have to pick a new theme, and a new look for this next blog.

The new blog will come with a free storage space of 3 gigs. When that 3 gigs is used up, I will have the option of buying 10 more gigs of space, which I will probably do, as I did with this blog. That, total of, 13 gigs will last a real long time, especially since I’ve now done some research on how to limit the file sizes of my images, without decreasing the quality, which I should have been doing all along. However, WordPress does not allow you to go back and change those files sizes. Once you’ve used up your storage space, there is no way to change that.

I intend to leave this original site intact, and completely available to visit, and interact with. Comments will still be accepted here, and will function normally, as they always have. All contact links will work, as I will not be changing the email account that I use for this blog. There will be a link, at the very end of this blog, and at the very beginning of this blog, that will take visitors to the new blog. And, for those who wish, you can also click the ‘follow’ link on the new blog, in order to receive an email when I put a new post up on the new blog.

From what I’ve read in the past, will allow this kind of setup but, just to be sure, I have a support request in to confirm this. (I have now confirmed this with WordPress, so I’m good to go.) Of course, I can still add any amount of text to this blog, and I can still add YouTube video’s to this blog, but I don’t really see the point in doing that, if the new blog is going to be my primary blog.

Anyway, the bottom line is, this blog is being left online, but I will be moving to another blog, to continue the journey. The new site will be very basic, at first, because it takes time to get a blog to the point I have this one at. However, I will have pictures on the walls in no time at all. It’s just all the little extra’s that make the blog feel more like home that will take some time.

This will not be the last post on this blog. I will be making one more post, which will include the link to my new site. And, as I’ve already said, I will be putting that same link at the beginning of this blog too, so that visitors to this blog don’t have to go to the last post, in order to get to my new blog. It’s not quite the same as having everything on one blog, under the same theme, but it is a doable compromise, and it won’t cost me a thing. Please be patient, while I get this switch organized. At this moment, I can’t give a definite date for the launch of the new blog, but it shouldn’t be too long.


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