The State of Humanity

At first glance, this might seem to be a huge subject to cover but, when you boil it all down to the nitty gritty, it’s really not. I usually like to tackle things from the most simple angle, even in the way that I choose to live life, so my perspective on the state of humanity will also be simplified but, as far as I’m concerned, very accurate.

At this point I would like to warn those who don’t prefer to get into too much philosophy, that this will be a long and rambling post attempting to convey my take on what humanity has become, right now. I’m not asking anyone to believe anything. I’m just giving my perspective on this subject because it helps me. If it helps someone else, then that’s great too. If you totally disagree, that’s fine also. I’m not looking for support or condemnation of my views. I’m just putting my perspective into words, and words are enough to explain human behavior.

So, since I like to break things down into their simplest form, which is not always an easy task, I will start off by pointing out the obvious. Humans come in two types, male and female. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter because either way, in general, they both have the same goal in mind. But, the methods of reaching that goal can be quite different, due to the way the two genders are socialized(conditioned). I’m only going to say this once, so pay attention here, “in general” means the majority, it does not mean that absolutely everyone fits this description.

From the day a new human is born, and even before in the case of genetics and the learned social behaviors of the parents and their parents, and so on, the mind of that newborn is being shaped. People like, very much, to think that they are individuals, with their own thoughts and choices, but nothing could be further from the truth. In general, people are programmed to behave in ways that benefit others, not themselves. Of course, the parents of that newborn are not purposely brainwashing their own child. They don’t know that they themselves have been conditioned(brainwashed), and they are just passing that conditioning on to their offspring, because that’s what their conditioning has taught them to do.

I really don’t know when this type of human mind conditioning started, or why it started, but my guess would be profit. Someone learned that they could profit, in one way or another, from being in control of others. All they had to do was make people think that they were doing something that was good for themselves, and the more people that they could condition in this way, the stronger the conditioning would become. In general, people tend to follow the crowd, so to speak. If you don’t follow the crowd, you are shunned by society, in general. So, there is a reward for following the crowd, which is so you are not shunned.

Think about it…..everyone wants to be liked, especially younger people. Everyone wants to fit in and be connected to something. Be a ‘man’ males are told. Be ‘beautiful’ females are told. Anyone who does not go along with these roles, or cannot, is shunned, maybe not always in an overt manner, but the result is the same. So, there are rewards to be had for complying. Those who cannot comply, are out of luck. Those who will not comply, meet the same fate.

Who put these roles into place? Or the better question is, who perpetuates them? Well, my guess is, these ways of thinking came about naturally, at first. Then, those that wanted control saw that they could use these ways of thinking against the masses for their own profit. Get the herd moving in a certain direction and, pretty soon, most of them are forced to go along. Of course, there are strays, that peel off to the sides, or are left behind, but the main herd is intact and under control.

Sounds like a bunch of animals, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what we are, so called, civilized animals, or maybe a better term would be domesticated animals, just like a herd of cows being led to the slaughter. But, of course, we all think that we’re too smart for that, don’t we? Sure we do, because we have all been led to believe that ‘we’ are special. Have you ever looked at a herd of cows and picked one out as being ‘special’? Not likely.

Anyway, to answer the question of “who put these roles into place”, we did, by a natural process. As far as the question “who perpetuates them goes, it’s not as cut and dry. We do perpetuate our own roles in society, but we are helped along the way by the controlling interests, who steer society in the direction that is best for them by making us believe that it is best for us.

It’s not so hard to do when you’ve already got the herd corralled by past conditioning. Once the human mind has worn certain pathways into its functioning, it’s very difficult to change those pathways, as most addicts will tell you. So, the ‘powers that be’ already have momentum on their side, all they have to do is nudge things in one direction or another to make the desired changes that they want, and the whole herd will move.

Many people will deny that they are part of that herd. Many people will just bury their heads in the sand and go where they’re led, others will willingly go along, because their spirits have been broken. It doesn’t matter to those in charge, as long as order is kept, and the profits are safe and keep coming.

There is, however, one common denominator which drives both the herd and those that control it……GREED! The desire for more, and when they get more, it’s not enough, so they want even more. This preoccupation has been burned into the psyche of humanity. It’s everywhere and, what’s worse is, it’s accepted. Why is it accepted? Because this is the way that humans have been conditioned. We’re addicted to it.

Those who have more wealth than they could ever use in a human lifetime, sometimes try to justify it by doling out cash to charities, for which they get a sizable tax benefit. Wealthy people who live in houses that have more rooms than they could ever possibly use, and many times more than one house, fail to see the insanity of it all. Why? Simple…. ‘conditioning’. Their mental pathways have been conditioned to accept this as the way it is.

But, is it the way it has to be? Well, you can’t change the direction of a large herd all that fast, even if you could overcome the controlling factors of that herd, which would be no small task. You would first need a way to somehow break the line of communication between the herd and the controllers, and to keep it broken for quite some time. In our society, those lines run through media and politics, which are very powerful channels to break.

The way I see it, the only way to make changes in the overall picture, is to make small, individual changes, that we ourselves can control. We would still have to function within the overall conditioned society, but there are ways around those conditioned mental pathways that keep the herd in line. Many people have found ways, and more are finding them all the time, quietly living more fulfilling lives, in a more enjoyable way. The core of the conditioned society will call these people eccentric, or weirdo’s, or loners, or some other term that implies ‘shunning’. They do this because they fear that the path they chose might be in danger. They want to be on, what they see as, the ‘right’ side.

However, in reality, there is no right or wrong side. There is only what is, at this moment. We don’t need to concern ourselves with changing humanity, as a whole. We only need to concern ourselves with living the most enjoyable life possible. Many have been conditioned to think that this involves having as much ‘stuff'(money) as possible. The driving force behind this way of thinking is those that are in control. This way of thinking keeps the money machine producing, and the vast majority of the profits go to a relative few.

Once you are on this treadmill of greed, there is no off switch. It will continue until you can’t. Only each individual can decide for themselves if this is the way they want to live. It’s not an easy decision. When you are addicted to something, you will make all kinds of excuses as to why it has to be the way that it is. Also, when you have, what you think is, so much already invested in the quest for more, it would be like throwing away all that effort, for what?

I’m not saying that I’m some kind of saint, when it comes to the greed factor of humanity. I’ve had my share of getting caught up in the mind controlling insanity, and that’s exactly why I can see it for what it is now. In fact, it’s always there in the background, egging you on to get back on that addictive treadmill. Awareness is essential in order to stay focused on what’s really important.

Awareness is so important because it’s very hard to fool someone who is aware. I’m not just talking about being aware of those who are the controllers. I’m talking about being aware period. Awareness is not something that you just pull out of a hat whenever you might need it. It’s a way of being. Be Aware.

You may not be able, or even want to, change any particular situation but, at least, be aware of it. What you are not aware of can, and quite often does, come back to bite you. This doesn’t mean you have to be paranoid about everything, or everyone, either. Being aware is not placing any degree of threat on something. It’s a neutral way of being.

We all make choices in life, and being aware of all the possibilities would seem the logical thing to do but, when your mind is being controlled by outside forces, awareness is suppressed. Those outside forces do not want you to be aware. They just want you to follow the path that’s been laid out for you. They will make it ‘look’ more beneficial to you to follow that laid out path. They will make it difficult and frowned upon to follow any other path.

But, like I said before, there are many people who are finding another path and quietly living a more enjoyable life, outside the established system. The numbers are relatively small, and that’s why it works. If large numbers of people started to defy established systems there would certainly be a crack down by the controlling interests. They would rally the minds of the rest of the herd to see that these shirkers are doing harm to the system that supports the herd and, essentially, use the people against the people to protect the interests of the controllers.

So, the bottom line is, you can’t change society, as it is. You can only be who you really are, and enjoy this life to it’s fullest. However, you need to be aware of all that is around you. Realizing that your mind has been conditioned is the first step to moving in a direction that more reflects who you really are. You don’t have to choose what everyone else thinks is ‘right’. You just listen to your own inner voice, it will always lead you in the direction that you need to go. It’s not right or wrong, it just is.


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