Living Now

One thing we all need to remember is, life happens now.  If we live our lives, always yearning for better times in some non-existent future, we’re, essentially, missing life, as it’s happening, right now.

Certainly, there are practical matters that must be considered, as far as making arrangements for possibilities, an appointment, buying a ticket for a concert, buying materials for a project.  Yes, we can do these things, but not in a way that takes us away from this moment.  We do them now, and we enjoy doing them, not by thinking of how great it is going to be, and counting the minutes until that moment arrives.  But, by realising that these preparations, themselves, are  life, as it’s happening.

So, having said that, I just wanted to point out, that, all these preparations you see me making on my blog, are not done in hopes of finally hitting the road, and living the life I’ve always wanted.  It’s not like that.  I enjoy, and am fully involved in making these preparations.  Right now, that is life for me.  Sure, I have to consider what I might need, and how things might go, but I don’t do it dreaming about how great it is going to be, or worrying about what might go wrong.  I do it with complete attention to, and attachment to, the present moment…….life as it’s happening.

We tend to be always drawn forward, hoping for better, or just waiting for that special time, when, in reality, we’re missing the only special time there ever is, and that is now.  If you feel that your now is not that special, then do something about it…  Life happens now.  It’s not something we need to wait for.

Also, people are often heard using the term ‘my life’, or ‘your life’.  It’s important to realise, that you don’t have a life, and we don’t have lives.  You are life, and we are life.  There is only one life, and we are all part of that.  Life is our essence.  We can’t have it.  We are it.

Our human minds see birth as the beginning of life, and death as the end of life, when, in fact, both birth and death are just part of life, the one life.  Life was there before birth, and it will be there after death.  Life always has been, and always will be.  We are all just raindrops falling into the ocean, and as each individual raindrop hits the surface, it does not cease to exist, it just becomes part of the whole, from where it originally came.  No more individual form, but it’s essence still lives on.


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