The Dance of Life

Life can be likened to a dance, in some ways.  The back and forth movement of actions and reactions to any given situation we face.  Life does have its challenges, and it’s always presenting us with them, and teaching us through our own reactions to those challenges.  In some cases, they may be seen as minor challenges, and if we don’t take note of them, bigger challenges might appear.  That’s just life’s way of telling us that we’re not in the flow.  It’s trying to help us get back in the natural flow of life, so that we can be who we are, and enjoy our human experience as much as possible.

I’ve had my share of challenges in life, and sometimes, I didn’t pay attention to what life was trying to tell me, so the challenges increased in intensity.  We bring this kind of suffering on ourselves, by becoming lost in our own minds, and blocking out the ultimate witness that resides deep inside every one of us, that silent, still, presence, watching everything we think and do.

Where do our thoughts come from?  Well, quite often you may hear someone say, “it just popped into my head”.   It’s also possible that we might put a lot of effort into thinking, and analysing something.  It has been my experience that those things that just pop into our heads, are, more often than not, closer to the truth than what our thinking minds can come up with.  This is because we didn’t think, or we didn’t have time to think.  In cases like that, where do the ideas come from?  They come from a much deeper place inside us, a place that’s not affected by our human conditioning, a place that just knows.

So, what if we could access this place of knowing all the time?  It would make life so much easier knowing something, rather than ‘thinking’ we know something.  Well, the truth is, you can, and, you’ve always been able to access this knowing.  Most people don’t realise this, because the access has been covered up with so much human conditioning, that they don’t recognise it anymore.  Everyone has access to this ‘knowing’.  It might be a ‘gut feeling’, or a ‘natural instinct’, or just a sudden feeling that you needed to do, or say something.  Most of the time, these kinds of feelings don’t come from the thinking mind, but from life itself, the life that you are.

You see, you don’t have a life, you ‘are’ life.  No one can have a life. It’s not a thing you can possess.  You are life, the same as a plant is life, an animal is life, and, even a rock is life.  We are life, and we are all part of the one life.  That life is within us all, and it’s trying to help us find our way.  All we need to do is dance with it.


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