Updated; April 25, 2013

I have now updated the US files to include all available MVUM (Motor Vehicle Use Maps) for each state.  These maps, which are in simple black and white, are very useful for those who like to find out of the way, and free, campsites on Forest Service roads.  I have found, while downloading and organizing these files, that a few states did not comply with the generally accepted formatting and placement of this information.  You may find that a few folders are either empty, or will not open.  But, for the most part, they are viewable on any computer with Adobe Acrobat installed.

Keep in mind that individual states can change this information at their discretion, so use these maps as a guideline only.  If in doubt, check with the local Ranger Station to confirm the status of any particular location.

I have amassed a huge database of free and very cheap campsites in both Canada and the US.  During the winter months, I will be working on organizing it into downloadable and user-friendly files, which will most likely be based on MicroSoft Streets and Trips.

February 3,2013

Ok, so after spending weeks and weeks of searching, organising, converting files, and remapping, I’ve finally got things to a point where they are somewhat presentable.  Keep in mind, most of these files are available on the internet, but they are all over the place, and many of them are in different formats.  Some of them, I actually had to remap, every location, one by one, and that took a lot of time.

As mentioned before, I have used MicroSoft Streets & Trips as the basis for most of the maps.  There are some files that are in text form, pdf form, or Word doc form.  These were mostly just one’sies and two’sies, and I may get back to them, at some point, and see if I can include them in a Streets & Trips file.

Also, these files are all organised in a way that suits me the most.  I know that there will be others who disagree, and that’s ok.  We all have our own ways of seeing, and doing, things.  Putting the files in separate Streets & Trips folders, and categories, does create more files to download, but once you have downloaded them, it’s just a matter of double clicking on any individual file, to open up the map for that particular set of locations.  No fooling around with importing them into the sofware.

The files in these downloads are not just campsites, although that is the main focus.  There are many other locations included, which I felt complimented the idea of mobile life.  There will be an ongoing process of additions or deletions, as I become aware of them.  I have not personally visited each and every location, to verify its status, so be aware that these locations are not verified, certified, or guaranteed.   I suspect that the majority of them will be accurate, but always consider the possibility that any given location might have changed, or might not exist at all anymore.

Read before downloading

So, with that said, you can find the download link for the files below.

When you click on the link, it will take you to a page where you will see folders with location names on them. You can click on each folder to get to the individual files within that folder. Just right click on any file and choose download from the drop down menu.

Remember, in order to open many of these files that you are downloading, you will need a copy of MicroSoft Streets & Trips installed on your computer.  I created these files with Streets & Trips 2013, and I don’t really know if the files will be compatible with older versions of Streets & Trips.  I’m thinking that they will be, but I can’t say for sure.

When the files download, they will be in a ‘zip’ file, which you will need to extract with a program such as winzip.


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  1. Thanks for doing all this work – the rest of us wanderers appreciate it!


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