The Big Squeeze

I”ve always tried to squeeze as much enjoyment out of life as I can.  It’s a real balancing act.  If you get in too deep, you can find yourself struggling to stay afloat, with no energy left for the moments that really count.  Ideology tends to block out reality.  Thinking takes up your whole world.  Your own human conditioning lives life for you, without you even knowing it.

Is it possible to break out of this way of living?  Well, maybe, and maybe not.  It all depends on whether you are willing to surrender to life, or not.  Giving up control over what you ‘think’ is ‘right’ can be very intimidating.  Letting life take the lead, will seem like a fool’s errand.  But, this is exactly what we must do.

This does not mean that we just lie down, and take whatever comes.  We will know how to respond to any situation at the moment a response is required.  We don’t need to create unnecessary drama, to satisfy our minds’ demand for an outcome.  The need to know is an overwhelming part of being human, but it can be recognized for what it is.   Knowing is relative to what we are.  For example, how much do you think an ant knows?  All life forms have their own set of limitations, and we are not any different.  Yes, we can learn, but even the ability to learn has limitations.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks of humanity is the need to have something to ‘believe’.  We need to recognize that beliefs are not reality.  Beliefs are only a creation of our human minds, which are limited by their own form.  Our minds create ‘beliefs’ in order to fill an empty space.  We have an unending need to know, and if we don’t know, or can’t know, we will create possibilities, that, if dwelled upon enough, will become ‘beliefs’.

If you truly want to be free, you must let go.  The totality of existence does not fall within our ability to understand, and it never will.  We need to allow ourselves to be just what we are, limited beings.  We are born, and we die, just like all life forms.  We are not special, in a universal sense.  Just as the ant goes about being what it is, we also need to be what we are, and allow the natural order of life to be what it is.

We can resist what is, or we can just let it be, it’s a choice.  Resisting what is, is futile.  Being what we are, is living.


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