Presently Living

Yep, presently living, could mean that I’m still alive, and, as long as I’m still posting on my blog, you can assume that it’s true.  But, that’s not really the purpose of this page.

I put this page separate from the others in the header bar because it’s going to be a bit different in content and purpose.  Here I will be delving into my more personal side, and my curiosity regarding human nature, both from my perspective, and that of others.  You might say that it’s my outlet for fulfilling my desire to understand what makes people do the things that they do, and investigating the options available to help us live life in a more meaningful way.

Also, on this page, I will explain, what I will call, a Contributions button.  I don’t, and never will allow any advertising on my blog.  I’m not saying that those who do, are somehow wrong, nor am I saying, in not allowing it, that I am somehow superior.  I am who I am, and I’m just being that, nothing more, and nothing less.

Those who do allow advertising, do it for the money that it brings in, and some sell information, or ebooks, or other items from their blogs, also, to allow for some income.  Some bloggers have a donate button on their blogs.  My Contributions button is not like that either.

By including the Contributions button on this blog, I am simply giving the option to those who do wish to share, an opportunity to do so. We all share in different ways, according to our abilities.  While my financial ability to share is somewhat lacking, I can share in other ways, as you will see from this blog.  Some people have the ability to contribute financially, and they are willing to do so, if given the opportunity.  That’s what my Contributions button is all about.  I’m basically, a busking blogger.  I do what I enjoy doing,  just like the person playing their guitar in the subway, and those who wish to show appreciation, and are freely willing to do so, have that opportunity.


Any funds received through this button, will go towards helping me expand this blog, without the use of methods that I feel perpetuate human conditioning.  If we humans could just learn to share, with whatever we have, or are good at, without the need to ‘sell’ and ‘buy’, that would be a huge step towards breaking the continuum of conditioning that binds the unconscious mind into repeating the same patterns of past generations, with the same results.

The only way to break that continuum, is to recognise it, and choose to step out of it.  Many people are already doing  just that, and the movement is accelerating. Exponential acceleration can make this happen much more quickly, and we can help, in two ways.  One, by supporting that which we want, and two, by allowing that which we don’t want.  Resisting that which we don’t want, whether it be internally, or externally, only serves to strengthen it, and is counter-productive.  We need to just let it be, and concentrate our efforts on what we do want.

Do not confuse, supporting that which we do want, with the popular idea of ‘positive thinking’.  Although positive thinking may have some benefits, whether they be psychological, or mood altering, just thinking positive, is not enough. It’s still just movements of the mind, and some people tend to bury their heads in the sand, so to speak, thinking that all those positive thoughts will surely change their future.

This is not about changing anyone’s future, because no one has a future.  This is about living life as it happens, in the only time that it can happen, right now, not waiting for some illusion of future to come along and finally make us happy.


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