Take Back Your Power

Too often people give up their power to ‘so called’ professionals. Doctors, lawyers, financial advisers, bank managers, mechanics, etc. We’ve all been conditioned into thinking that these people are somehow above us, or to be trusted. However, in many cases the exact opposite is true.

In fact, these people work for us. When we contract these ‘professionals’ we are the boss, not them. Most people feel inadequate in the presence of the perceived ‘masters’ of any particular occupation, but only YOU know your own particular situation, whether it be physical, financial, or emotional. They may have the knowledge, or the expertise to enable, but it is up to us, and only us, to instruct them on what we want done.

Doctors, as a collective, have been the cause of more pain and suffering, than healing. This is because people trust their every word, as if they were some kind of super human life form. They are not. They are ordinary humans, just like all of us, only they have some technical knowledge that most of us don’t have. It’s up to us to use that knowledge in a way that most benefits ourselves.

Lawyers have swindled more money out of people than the crooks, yet we are all too willing to allow them to walk all over us because we feel that we just don’t know enough. Fact is, we usually do know what to do, we just don’t know how to do it. That is where the expertise of the lawyer comes in. Don’t give away your power to so called ‘experts’. You decide what you want, and get them to use their knowledge of the law to do it.

Financial advisers are mostly concerned with how much money they can get from you, not how much they can save you. They will almost certainly steer you in a direction based on what is good for them, not, primarily, what is more beneficial for you. It is up to YOU to decide what is best for you, and then make sure that the financial adviser understands, and executes YOUR wishes.

Bank managers work for banks, not you. Their primary function is to make money for the banks that they work for, not to make sure that you get the best deal possible. Do not be intimidated by their fast talking knowledge of the days’ top financial phrases. They are just ordinary people who have been conditioned to process financial data(you) for the best return.

Mechanics, without exception, will try to find, or even create themselves, more work on your vehicle than you either expected, wanted, or needed. They are counting on the fact that you know nothing about the mechanics of your vehicle. With the advent of the internet, there is no need for that. Everyone can just go online and check any particular repair, and know, themselves, what is involved. However, one should be aware that many mechanics will do everything they can to make you pay, even if that means creating problems that didn’t exist when you brought your vehicle to them.

All of these so called ‘professionals’ have one thing in common, they have convinced themselves that what they are doing is the way that things are done. When you confront them, they will nearly always try to talk down to you, to show you that they are superior in whatever discipline that they have been trained in. They don’t want to hear your ideas, or they gloss over them as if to feign. consideration.

It is up to you, and only YOU, to state what you want done, nothing more and nothing less. They will, of course, fight you, every step of the way. They will give dire warnings of what will ‘happen’ if you don’t follow their instructions to the letter. After all, they are the ‘masters’. How could they possibly be wrong?

If you want to be processed like an automobile part on the assembly line, then just follow the crowd, and give away all your power to the professionals. Or, you could always take charge, and realize that YOU are their employer. YOU call the shots. YOU use their knowledge of the system in the way that YOU choose.


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  1. Posted by Avril Frame on June 23, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    Hey Al ……… did someone screw you over today!!!!


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