Take to the Highway

Being in between seasons, my wandering feet are getting a bit restless for bare ground to walk on. The snow in the bush is still too deep to do any substantial exploring there, so I decided to head out on the road, since it was a nice sunny day today.


I do have quite a selection of cameras to choose from now, but I’m becoming very fond of this cheap little Canon A495 that I picked up off ebay. The quality of pictures I’m getting from this camera is nothing short of amazing, and it’s consistent too.


Looking out over a still solidly frozen Elliot Lake, you can see that there aren’t all that many snowmobile tracks out there. After the recent warm spell, a lot of people put their snow machines away for the season, since the trails were all but gone.


I’ve taken this picture many times, with other, more expensive, cameras, and I have to say that this little A495 does a more than respectable job.


Here you can see that the ATV’ers are out and about, as they have been for most of this winter, since we haven’t had as much snow this year, as in previous years.

IMG_0010 Panorama

The Sheriff Creek pond is still fully frozen, with no signs of melting, even though the sun is fairly high in the sky these days. We had some brutally cold Arctic air move in recently, and that is slowing down the spring melt.

IMG_0021 Panorama

Again, all these pictures were taken with the lowly Canon A495. I picked this camera up on ebay for only 99 cents. It had a hairline crack in the rear LCD, which affects nothing, and the battery door would not close properly, which I fixed. I had read online that this camera did take excellent photos, even though it doesn’t have all that many features, so that’s why I thought that I’d give it a try. Like I said, I’m blown away. Just click on that picture above and tell me I’m wrong.

IMG_0025 Panorama

For anyone who is looking for the lowest possible price, and the best possible image quality, here ya go, the Canon A495 would be my submission for that category.


After walking down Milliken Mine Road for a ways, I decided to turn back, and head north on highway 108 for a change.


This is the entrance to a bush road, locally known as Pipeline Road. It goes off, to the west of 108, and well into the wilderness. I’ve done some exploring down this road, but there’s definitely more to be done.


Even along the highway, there are some nice scenic spots.


Here you can see where some manner of wild creature has walked across a frozen pond, and into the silent abyss of the wilderness.


This highway is nearly always quiet, and I could stand in the middle of the road taking pictures if I wanted to. The only time it gets a bit more busy is when the fall colours arrive.


I won’t be going into that stuff anytime soon. We haven’t had as much snow this year, but there’s still enough there to make walking in it an Olympic event.


In the summer, this is a large, thriving swamp. It looks so vacant now.


All I can do, for now, is stand at the side of the road, and look into the impenetrable wilderness, locked in snow. Still, it does seem to help quench my thirst for exploration somewhat.


Winter would be so much more desolate looking without evergreens.

IMG_0060 Panorama

Okay, I’m officially ready for all that snow to be gone now. However, I’m not all that ready to be swarmed by black flies and mosquitoes. Such is life. đŸ™‚


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