March is Melting

The second ice age in a row has finally loosened its grip on the vast, and rugged, northland, and the melting has begun. Of course, that can change pretty fast but, for now, it’s a relief to feel those warmer temperatures. The snow is still too deep in the bush for walking, but if I follow previously compacted trails, it’s not too bad.

Throughout the winter, I haven’t been travelling too far from home, so many of my posts will be showing the same areas over, and over. That’s why I don’t post as often in the winter, as I do in the warmer months. Still, I do like to take pictures, and different days provide different conditions. Also, even though I don’t post as much in the winter, I do go out quite often, and I’ve been out many times since my last post.

In this post, I’m just going to put up some pictures that I’ve taken over the last couple of weeks. Depending on how the Spring progresses, I should be getting out and about a bit more in the coming weeks. I usually won’t get my kayak in the water until the first week of May, but there’s always a chance that this could happen earlier, again, depending on how much warm, and sunny, weather we get.

IMG_0006 Panorama

As I’ve mentioned before, Milliken Mine Road is one of the places I go in the winter. It’s not too far, and I can walk there from home. There are lots of options along this road, with trails, and mine sites to explore, and also the Lookout Tower.


Motorized vehicles are not allowed in the mine sites, and this includes snowmobiles, and ATV’s. I noticed, even last year, that someone was getting into the mine site through this small gap in the bush, and it appears that, now, someone else has noticed.

IMG_0017 Panorama

This winter was another really cold one, but less snow than we usually get. We did get a couple of larger amounts of snow near the end of the winter though.

IMG_0021 Panorama

I used to see a lot of foxes along this road but, after the last two Ice Age winters, I’m not seeing any, although I do see some fox tracks, so that is encouraging.

IMG_0025 Panorama

I, very much, like to explore new places, and get into areas that I’ve never seen before but, when I can’t, I’m quite content to enjoy the beauty of places I do already know.

IMG_0011 Panorama

Even though I’ve seen these places many times before, I’m still very grateful to have areas like this that I can walk to.


The snowmobile trails are pretty much done for the season. They never did get a very good base built up this winter and, with the milder temperature now, that thin layer of snow was the first to go. However, a late season dump could change those conditions pretty quick, so I wouldn’t put those machines away just yet.


With the warming sun so high in the sky now, some trees are anxious to get things going, and I’ve seen lots of buds emerging.


The Westview Park snowmobile trail entrance onto the ice of Elliot Lake. I’ve noticed fewer sledders heading out onto the ice now, although I’m sure it’s still pretty thick. It could be that there is a lot of slush out there with the warmer temperatures.


Spring used to be my favourite time of year, that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy all seasons but, since coming up here, I’m definitely a fall guy now.


Soon enough, I’ll be fighting off the black flies and mosquitoes, in order to get into the places I enjoy so much.

IMG_0004-2 Panorama

I guess that many times, inconveniences like bugs, and snow, are the price of admission to the wonderful world of the great outdoors.

IMG_0009 Panorama

It’s not hard to see why I feel that this price is a bargain by any measure.


As many times as I’ve seen these places, I never get tired of being here, because the wilderness has no expectations, it allows everything to be as it is, and it treats everything the same.


If I were a tree.


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