Blue February

Blue skies that is. Nope, not feeling down at all. I’ll take blue skies whenever I can get them, even with minus 15 temperatures outside. The winds were light though, so that really increases the enjoyment of being out in this cold air. The past couple of days were really miserable because of Arctic air, and high winds, causing the windchill to plummet to near minus 50. Add to that some blowing snow, and it was prime hibernating time for me.


Looking out over the Miner’s Monument, and Horne Lake. I expect that they will be clearing the snow at the Monument sometime this week to prepare for the upcoming Ice Fishing Derby to be held this Saturday. Again, info on that Derby can be found here;


For those who are planning on driving up to Elliot Lake, for the Ice Fishing Derby, here’s what the road conditions look like at the moment. This is the main highway through town and, as far as the forecast goes, if you believe in that, we’re not supposed to get any major snow before the Derby. We may get another couple of cm’s, and some light flurries on Derby day.


I saw more snowmobiles out today than I’ve seen in a long time. Here you can see, from the tracks, that they have been using Elliot Lake quite a bit.


The river flowing from Horne Lake into Elliot Lake is still frozen solid, due to the never-ending cold this winter.


Over on Milliken Mine Road now. Not going anywhere special today, just needed to get outside, after a couple of extremely cold, and windy, days.

IMG_0010 Panorama

The frozen pond at Sheriff Creek Sanctuary, not to be confused with Sheriff Lake, which is a bit northeast of this location.

IMG_0023 Panorama

Things are quiet over at Prodan’s Pond today.


Here you can see where a fox has jumped off a rock ledge, into some deeper snow, to get down to the roadway.


The snowmobile trail was quite busy today, and there is just enough snow on it to keep the sledders happy.


They’re great for walking on too, as long as you keep your ears open for approaching speed demons. They do like to ride those things as fast as they possibly can.


There are many snowmobile bridges in the surrounding wilderness. In my explorations of the area, I’ve crossed many of them, mostly in summer time.


On the snowmobile trail, heading up through Westview Trailer Park.


The snowmobile highway, across Horne Lake. They really open that throttle up, when they are coming across here. However, throttles will be stifled this Saturday, due to hundreds of people on the ice for the annual Ice Fishing Derby. I will most likely be doing a post on that Derby, as I usually do. However, ya never know what I might do, because, even I don’t know. 🙂


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