Well Slap Me in the Face

Not really, I know that there might be a few people out there a bit too eager to take me up on that 🙂 However, sunshine was the order of the day today, and I thought I might be dreaming. In fact, it does appear that we will get a full sunny day tomorrow also, I do have an intended longer hike in mind.

I didn’t have any particular place in mind for today though, so I just did one of my regular routes, to check out the conditions out there. It was a colder day at around minus 10 Celsius, but the winds were low, and that sun cannot be denied now.


Looking out over Elliot Lake, you can see that the snowmobiles are using it with confidence now and, although I don’t go out on the ice myself, I do feel that, with all the cold weather we’ve had, it is probably about as safe as it gets right now.


This is the first time I’ve seen them close the parking lot at Westview Park. It’s even more of a conundrum, since we’ve had so little snow. It’s not likely anyone would get stuck in there.

IMG_0007 Panorama

The snow machines are out in full force, especially on the lake, and conditions for ice fishing are excellent. Still, I haven’t seen any ice huts out there yet, although I’m not particularly tuned in to what the regulations are regarding ice huts.

IMG_0010 Panorama

This is one of the main entrances for snow machines to get onto the ice of Elliot Lake. Farther down, is the Municipal boat launch. Not much happening there today, although that parking lot is not closed.


A short trip, over the river, and through the bush, will take me to that parking lot.


These markers have been out on the ice for some time now. My guess is, someone went through the ice there, when it was not thick enough to be travelling on. There might just be a snowmobile on the bottom of the lake there.


Here, again, you can see those markers in the distance.


I’m over on Milliken Mine Road now, checking out the situation over there. It’s a Monday, so not all that busy.

IMG_0020 Panorama

Life in the pond at the Sherriff Creek Sanctuary is in cryogenic stasis. It’s amazing how fast it springs back to life when the ice melts though.


Three doves, enjoying the warmth from the sun, as I was definitely doing also.


The sunshine rejuvenates me, after all that cloud, wind, and snow, and the never-ending darkness of winter.

IMG_0047 Panorama

Now that we’re on the downhill side of winter, and the days are getting longer, I’m sure I will be able to get out and do some more exploring into unknown areas. Still, I’m not fooled by these beautiful days. I’m sure winter has a few kicks in the ass to hand out yet, before we reach the promised land of spring.


The snowmobile trails are suffering from lack of snow, although I see that the grooming machine has made a futile pass over them, scraping bare ground in the process.


There’s no doubt that even ATV’s can handle the amount of snow we’ve had so far this winter.


You can tell it has been real cold here, because this river only fully freezes under Arctic-like conditions.

IMG_0061 Panorama

The Horne Lake snow machine highway is also open for business. I’ve seen a few people ice fishing on here too, although the only ice huts I ever see on Horne Lake are those tent ones. Again, I don’t know what regulations, or bylaws, exist, so there might be a good reason that I don’t see ice huts on here. It would be interesting though, since the Ice Fishing Derby is held here every year.


I do believe that Horne Lake is stocked with Rainbow Trout nearly every year, but I’ve never seen, nor heard, of anyone catching a Rainbow here. They must head straight for the river into Elliot Lake, and then beyond, looking for happier hunting grounds.

Anyway, any sunny day in the winter is much appreciated, and today is no exception. Like I said, I may do a longer hike tomorrow, possibly into territory I have never seen yet.


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