Winter Has Begun

Forget about what the calendar says, winter is here now, and it looks like it’s here to stay. I went out for a walk yesterday, to assess the damage, while we had a break in the action, and this is what I saw;


This is the walkway, that comes down through the bush to, what used to be, the Algo Mall.


Looking to the left the, STILL EMPTY, site of the Algo Mall, and….


Looking to the right the, STILL EMPTY, proposed replacement for the Algo Mall, The Pearson Plaza, which has already been downsized once. Both these pictures were taken while standing in the same spot. I guess I can’t say much more than that, because someone is likely to get their shorts in a knot.

Human society is corrupt, and there’s nothing for it except to try and live the most enjoyable life we can, outside of, or around that corruption.


Even the geese were caught off guard, by the early arrival of winter. I hadn’t seen, or heard, all that many geese heading south lately but, I’m sure that they will get a move on now.


One thing a guy like me really notices, is the lack of traction while walking. It’s about 2 to 3 times more difficult to walk in snow, than it is to walk on dry land.


And, when you’re walking up and down hills, on trails, it’s even more noticeable.


As far as photography, and scenery, goes, everything gets very bland. Maybe that’s why there’s no one here, at the Municipal Boat Launch. Without a blue sky, I might as well just shoot these scenes in Black and White.


This is a regular route that I walk, especially in winter and, throughout the winter, I will see the last impressions of my footprints going up these stairs. No one else uses them, as far as I can tell.

IMG_0017 Panorama

Over at the Sherriff Creek pond, which is now frozen, everything is looking pretty drab too.


Prodan’s Pond is also frozen, but I wouldn’t be walking on that ice just yet.


I still do enjoy the winters up here, more than I did in the south, because the quiet is mind numbing, or more correctly, mind stopping. Less thinking = More awareness.


The new gate, at the Sherriff Creek Wildlife Sanctuary, installed just this past summer, is a reminder that this area is also part of the Milliken Mine tailings management area.


This trail is not quite ready for snow machines yet, but we are expecting more snow in the days to come, so it may not be too long.

With the snow on the ground, and the ice on the lakes, it does limit my ability to do what I love to do, which is explore the wilderness.
Still, I try my best to get outside, as much as I can, and I do enjoy, so much, those few, and far between, sunny winter days that we get now and then.


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  1. Lov’in your blog. Keep on trudging through the wilderness.


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