The Quiet Before the Snow

It seems that we haven’t had too many long stretches of nice weather at all this year. Spring was a write-off, summer was cooler than usual, which was fine with me, and now fall has been not the greatest. Makes me wonder what we have in store for winter. If today is any indication, we have early snow in the cards.

I was really intending to get my DragonFly 2 XC kayak out again, since I’m making some tweeks, and mods, to the setup, in order to improve the reliability and performance of this new paddling/camping addition to my exploring equipment. It seems like the weather has it in for me though and, looking at the forecast, that water might be ice in the very near future. Also, the threat of snow became a reality today, as I found out on top of Rooster Rock, where I could see waves of snow flurries passing over the distant rugged landscape.


There wasn’t much wind today but, I still needed my gloves. It was pretty close to the freezing mark and, if the forecasts are right, which is a huge ‘if’, then we will see well below freezing temperatures very soon.

Soon I will be walking everywhere, since I don’t have snow tires on my truck, and besides, I hate driving in the winter anyway, so this is no problem for me. I spent enough years, struggling through the worst weather, trying to get to work. When I see retired people, up here, going out on the worst days, I have to laugh. They can go out anytime they want, yet they choose to fight their way through snow, and ice, just to go to the store. I don’t get it, but there are a lot of things I don’t get about this crazy society.


Winter is coming, and nothing is going to stop it, so we have to adapt our lifestyle in order to make it as enjoyable as possible.

After I took this video, I realized that, what I thought was fog over the lake, was, in fact, snow flurries. I saw a few flakes coming down where I was too.

I didn’t see, or hear, that many flocks of geese flying overhead this year, but I’m sure that they have taken flight by now.


I finally got my CPL(Circular Polarizing Lens) filter and, even though I didn’t need it today, I was eager to try it out. Notice how it turned the water white. I guess I should only use it on days that I need it.

As I’m writing this post, we have a winter wonderland outside now. There’s lots of snow on the ground, and it seems that we have jumped right into winter in one day.


Does it look like kayaking is finished for this season? Well, I guess as long as the water is still liquid, there is a chance, but it certainly doesn’t look too promising at the moment.

Nevertheless, life goes on, and it may be time to switch gears into winter activities.


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