Moose Lake Hike

When I got up this morning, I could see that there was going to be a break in the rain, and I wasn’t going to waste this opportunity to get out, and do some hiking. We are presently being inundated with another huge weather system, similar to the last on, which is covering the whole eastern half of the continent. This one might hang around for a few more days yet, so I swung into action earlier than usual, to head over to Moose Lake.

I’m going in on the same road that I went in for the hike I did to May Lake, but this time I will be taking a different side road. I will be using the RainDrop camera for all the pictures, and videos in the post, and you will see that it didn’t let me down, now that I have fix the issue with the bad SD card.

I noticed that there was some kind of lens glare, or glass issue going on in these videos, and it’s probably because I need a filter on the lens. I usually have, at least, a UV filter on there, but I forgot to switch it over from my other SX40, before I came on the hike today. I do have a second one, for this camera, on order, so that I won’t have to keep switching them. I have now determined, after checking the lens closely, that there was some kind of crud on the outside of the lens glass. I have cleaned it to be spotless, and crystal clear, so another problem bites the dust.


The issue with the lens glare, was not prevalent in the pictures though, only in the videos, and this RainDrop camera really came through with some nice shots today.


This is Moose Lake, and there are still lots of colours in this area, just not so many reds as there were earlier this fall.

IMG_0015 Panorama

The white sheet sky was still an issue, but I was able to shoot away from the sun, for the most part, today, and that meant that the pictures turned out much better.

IMG_0018 Panorama

I’d never been into this area before, and it turned out to be a very scenic hike. I also thought that most of the colours were gone, but that wasn’t the case here.


It was very quiet in here, and I never saw another person on my hike today. It was fortunate that I was able to take advantage of this window in the weather, because, right now, as I’m writing this, it is raining once again. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow too.


There are a number of dams, and spillways around Moose Lake and, with all the rain we’ve had, water levels were very high. In fact, on my way to this location, I noticed that the parking lot at the Elliot Lake boat launch was under water, because the water levels had risen so high in Elliot Lake.


Of course, this is hunting season now but, for as long as I was here today, I heard no shots, not even in the distance.


All was quiet, peaceful, and very enjoyable.


And, as you can see, the RainDrop camera was working in overdrive. I was absolutely amazed at the quality pictures that I was able to get with it today.


This was the first spillway I came to, at the end of Moose Lake.


That next little lake, ahead there, is a no name lake, into which the river from Moose Lake flows.


I see a very high cliff ahead, amongst the colours.


The road goes over that way, so I’ll probably be able to get some closer shots of it.


Looking back at that last dam, and spillway, on Moose Lake.


A scenic, small waterfalls coming out of a pond, at the end of Moose Lake, and flowing into a river, which will, eventually, flow into a small no name lake, further ahead.

Again, lots of flow because of all the rain we’ve had. That black flash during the video was only me taking a picture during the video.


White water, rushing down the river to the next no name lake.


The fast flowing river continues down.


Heading back into the bush, towards the no name lake.


The scenery was nothing short of spectacular.


You can see that no name lake through the trees now.


I was also closer to that high ridge now.


I saw a narrow path, leading off into the bush, to the left. So, like any good explorer would, I followed it, and I was rewarded for doing so.

IMG_0074 Panorama

This is the lower tip, of a long bay coming down from Quirke Lake, and that is where this high ridge is on.


That’s pretty high, but it’s nowhere near as high as Bolger Mountain, which I climbed up on my last outing.


I went back out to the road, and continued on my way.


I came to another dam, at the end of the no name lake.

I thought, then, that this was Halfmoon Lake but, I found out, when I got home, that this was, in fact, a small no name lake.


The spillway, at the end of the no name lake.


I went back out to the road, to continue my hike…….


Only to find, that the road didn’t go much further.


There was a small wooden stairway, leading down to the river, at the end of the road. I’ve seen these before, in other sites. They use the stairway to get down to the river, so that they can take water samples.


Watch your step!


Even though there were large boulders, at the end of the road, just past this stairway, I could see that I could continue on for a bit, so I did.


Now, this is as far as I can go. However, I do believe, from looking at the map, that this road does continue, it’s just under water at the moment. They probably blocked the road off after the stairway because this section often floods, like it is now. There are a couple of other dams, farther on, but I can’t reach them right now because of high water.

You can actually see a bit of a gap in the weeds, across the other side, where I’m sure that ATV’s can get through at lower water levels. It’s probably even possible to walk through, when there’s a lot less water here.

Anyway, it’s certainly not possible to walk through today, so it’s time to head back, before it starts to rain again.


Of course, the colours are just as nice on the way back, as they were on the way in, so my trigger finger was just as itchy.


I have other, longer, hiking possibilities in mind for this fall, if the weather will allow. Also, I do want to do a over-night camping trip to the islands on Esten Lake, in my DragonFly 2 XC kayak. However, this is all weather dependent, so we’ll see what happens.


A small oak tree, with fantastic colours.


I usually pick up the pace, on the return trip, but I wasn’t doing that this time. I was quite content to take in the scenery, and keep shooting, at a leisurely pace.


There aren’t all that many days left before the dreaded white stuff lays it’s cold blanket across the wilderness, for the long winter sleep.


So it’s best to take full advantage of this wonderful fall season while I can.


All that’s missing in these shots, is a deep blue sky, but sometimes you just can’t have everything you want.


Back out at Moose Lake.


And there’s the inside of the gate, although I still have to walk about one kilometer out to the truck from the gate. I could have driven all the way in to the gate, but I chose not to.


More colourful oak leaves.


And that’s all she wrote for this exceptional fall hike. I’ll be at it again, as soon as the rain lets up. I do see some sunshine in the forecast in the next few days, but the temperatures are going to drop like a rock.


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