After The Rain

I was really starting to get cabin fever, since I had been stuck inside for days now. However, today the rain stopped, and we actually got some blue sky poking through the clouds. It was quite windy, and cool, but I had to get out somewhere, so I took the newly arrived camera over to Rooster Rock, to give it a real workout.

It wasn’t the best day for pictures and videos, but the sun was poking in and out from behind the clouds. I felt that I could get a pretty good idea of how the second Canon SX40 I have was performing, as compared to the first one.

You’ll probably remember that the first time I took this camera out, it was raining, and I was sitting in my truck, with the window down, taking some pictures and videos. After that rain drop hit the camera, causing something inside to sizzle, I was quite concerned that I had caused some damage to this new camera.

After giving the camera a good workout today, I’m now convinced that this small indiscretion, has indeed caused a minor, intermittent, glitch in this second Canon SX40 camera. That’s not to say that I bricked it, or anything like that. You will see from the following pictures that this is certainly not the case. In fact, I got some pretty nice pictures out of this camera today.

It seems that the lens on the second camera is a bit clearer for some reason. Not a huge difference, but I did notice it. As far as the glitch goes, out of 111 shots that I took today, there was a problem with 3 of them, where not all of the picture was visible. In video mode, the same glitch applies. Not in every video, but intermittently, in some videos there will be a very quick flicker, that happens just once during the video. It could be easily edited out though.

You’ll notice the glitch that I’m talking about very close to the beginning of this video. It only happens once, for a very short time;

It’s quite windy out, and with the sun going in and out from behind the clouds, lighting was not consistent. But, as I said, the camera did redeem itself by taking some real nice photos, and not all the videos had this anomaly.


You have to understand too, that you can’t take these pictures and compare them to other pictures that I have already posted from my first camera. The lighting conditions are very critical, and every day is different in that regard. I’m just considering the overall performance, based on all the photos and videos I’ve taken with my first camera.


There are more colours out there now, than there were before the stormy, wet weather moved in, but I don’t feel that they are quite as vibrant now as they were.


Check out those dark clouds moving over, remnants of a very large weather system that will continue to affect us in the coming days. In fact, this weather system is so large that it is affecting the whole eastern side of Canada, and the United States.


Like I said, this camera does take real nice, quality pictures, and the conditions are not even optimal.

The wind noise baffle, that I installed, was struggling with the kind of wind I was experiencing up here, but I don’t think that I can do much better on that baffle. There was no glitch in this video.


Here you can certainly see the lighting conditions I’m dealing with today. These aren’t the best picture taking conditions but, even so, I can still get a good idea of how this camera compares to the first one.

Also, I have to get the settings on this camera to where I have them on the first camera. This is not easy to do by just looking at them, and making them the same. I have to take pictures, and change them as I go.


Even though it was very windy and cool up here today, I was grateful for this opportunity to get out for a while. This weather system is not done with us yet, and will return with more rain in the next couple of days.

Again, no glitch in this video, and the wind noise you hear creeping in, from both the left, and the right, microphones is understandable due to the high winds.


A long telephoto shot of the Rooster’s Hen, across the other side of the lake.


While I am a bit upset with myself, for getting rain on this camera, it is what it is. I was thinking about selling this second camera, but, as it is now, I will just keep it because I would not feel right selling it if it’s not perfect. However, I can certainly live with the intermittent glitches, and use this camera as a backup, or in situations where shooting conditions are risky, or rough.

IMG_0075 Panorama

As I was taking these pictures, and videos, today, I was constantly changing settings, trying to hone in on the best results. Due to this, there will be differences in picture quality.

IMG_0079 Panorama

The main purpose of this outing, other than to help keep me sane 🙂 is to test all the different functions of this second camera, and try to get it set up for the best pictures. Other than the minor glitches I’ve mentioned, all seems to be working well on this camera.


As I continued with my adjustments, the still shots did get better.

The videos were definitely hampered by high winds, and inconsistent lighting conditions.


I intend to keep using, what I will now refer to as, the Rain Drop camera, for the next few outings, in order to get it to the point where I have my first camera now.

When I got up to the Roosters head, the wind became gale force, and I could hardly stand up. It’s a long way down, so I thought it best that I get back inland, before I became airborne.


I went back in to the road, and walked back a bit, but the sun seemed to be coming out more than it was, and I decided to go back out to the edge for another few shots.


I’m actually writing this post the day after I took these pictures, and videos, and it is a dreary, rainy day here again. I’ve been following this weather system on the satellite shots, and it’s one of the biggest weather systems I’ve ever seen, covering half a continent.


This is what happens when you don’t get enough light, one island is visible, and the other is completely blacked out.


With uncertain lighting, closer shots always turn out better.


Actually, I usually go through about 200 shots, when I come to Rooster Rock. Today, I only did 111, mostly because of the wind. Not only the force of the wind, but the fact that it was pretty cold too.


When I was back from the edge, the wind wasn’t too bad though.


There he is, that guy who gave my camera a glitch. What a maroon!


He’s trying to hide from me, but I’m going to throw him off the Rooster!


With a few parting shots, I make my way back towards the road again.


The sky does seem to be clearing a bit more now, but it wasn’t to last. Still, like I said, I was very grateful to have this short interlude, between the rain, and I was smart enough to take advantage of it.


The last time I took a shot of this very spot, there were all kinds of colours here. Now, the leaves have all been blown away. Things can change very fast in the fall.

Anyway, I will continue to work on getting the settings for this camera just where I want them. I will need some sunny weather though, so it could be a few more days until I can get back out again.


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