Rain – Fall

Well, it seems that this fall is falling into the same weather pattern that we saw in Spring this year. Rain, rain, and more rain. Right now, the forecast is calling for rain five days in a row. We have a big rain storm moving through today, that’s supposed to drop around 60mm of rain, before it’s finished, and right on the heels of that is more rain.

I can handle cool with no problems, especially if it’s sunny out, but cool plus wet is definitely a problem. For one thing, I can’t use my cameras in that kind of weather. I did a video, which I will post in a moment, when it was slightly raining out, and you can actually hear a rain drop sizzle, as it hit the camera, and probably made it’s way into a live component.

Being way up here in Elliot Lake, with hardly any stores to shop at, I use ebay quite a bit, and I get some good deals too. I got all my cameras off ebay, and I do tend to keep an eye on the camera section in particular. Since I’ve been more than happy with this Canon PowerShot SX40 that I’m using now, I’ve been watching the sales of that camera in particular, and I came across an unbelievable deal, so I now have two of these amazing cameras.

I got a pretty good deal on the first Canon SX40, but I got the second one for half of what I paid for the first one, and it was actually newer than the first one, with less than ten shots on it when I got it. The first one had around 400 shots on it, which is almost nothing. Both cameras were in ‘like new’ condition, and came in the original box, with all the original stuff inside the box.

So, that’s why I was out in the rain testing the new camera. Well, I wasn’t actually out in the rain, I was in my truck, with the window down, but there were a few drops hitting the camera, as I had it right at the open window. If you listen carefully in this next video, you will hear a sizzle, as a rain drop hits the camera. I wanted to take a few shots, and videos, with the new camera, just to make sure it was working properly.

This is the kind of weather we will be getting for a number of days, so I won’t be out and about while it’s like this. I fear that this storm that’s passing through today, will take a lot of the leaves off the trees, since they are calling for very high winds too. That could impact the fantastic colours we have been seeing, and relegate the rest of the fall to a lesser degree of colour.

And, since we are on a bit of a downward spiral here, I should also report that, due to unforeseen circumstances, there will be no Fall Trip 2014 for this year. Sometimes life intervenes, and we just have to go with the flow. You see, this is the trick with life. We need to take these ‘so called’ disappointments in stride, and not make negative situations out of them. Things happen for a reason, and just because we can’t know those reasons, doesn’t mean that we should automatically see them as ‘negative’.

However, that does not mean that I won’t be doing my regular exploring, and blog posting. As the weather permits, I will be getting back out there, and I have some interesting options lined up. So, stay tuned for some Fall fun in the wilderness.


A dull, overcast, rainy day, but the sun has to come back at some point.


Not exactly the best conditions to test the new camera but, given the circumstances, it seems to be working just as well as the first one I got.


I’m just gonna have to wait for better weather to give it a real workout.


Here are the two cameras together. The one on the left, is the one I have been using for a number of weeks now. The one on the right, is the one that I just received, and am in the process of testing. I have a 67mm adapter ring, and a UV filter on that one, which I took off the other camera for now. It has a larger lens cap on it too. I bought the adapter ring, the UV filter, and the lens cap separately, on ebay as well.

From what I can tell, these two cameras look, and perform exactly the same. I still have to finish testing the new one, when better weather arrives though. I have 32gig, Class 10, SD cards in both cameras, and I also added a paracord neck loop to both of them, because I don’t like the large straps that they come with. The neck loop is very handy for me, because it keeps the camera, right up, high on my chest, for quick use, in case a picture opportunity appears suddenly. It’s also very handy in the kayak, for preventing the ever-present possibility of dropping the camera in the water.

Anyway, so that’s what’s going on right now. I’m sitting here listening to the rain come down, and trying to make the best of it. Hey, if it was always sunny, we’d soon become bored with that, so bring on the rain. It will only make those sunny days so much more enjoyable. 🙂


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