Back in the Yak

I had already decided not to get up early and head up to Cobre Lake, as I had intended to do at some point. However, it was a beautiful day, and I could take the kayak out for a spin on a lake that I’ve been meaning to paddle, but just never got around to it.

I’ve been to Flag Lake a number of times before, but never put the kayak in there. It really wasn’t on, or near, the top of my list of lakes to paddle, but for the sake of getting some paddling in, after a long break from paddling, I decided that it fit the bill for today.


This was the scene, as I arrived at Flag Lake around noon.


Flag Lake is not a very big lake, and it’s right close to the main highway, so this is why I wasn’t all that eager to explore it before.


Still, it is a lake that I have never paddled, so I decided today was a good day to put that notch in my paddle.

I know, quite a short introduction, but I was already feeling the discomfort of so many people on the roads today. After all, it was a Sunday, it was a beautiful day, and the fall colours were showing. So, everyone and his mother were streaming past in droves, on the highway bordering Flag Lake.

Sometimes things just don’t go the way you might think they will go, and today was a good example of that. Even though I finally had minnows to fish with, I never did really get into some fishing. I ended up letting the minnows go free later in the paddle.


I headed over to the far side of the lake where there is an island.


I’m around behind the island now, checking things out.

I was surprised at how much water that beaver dam was holding back, and I didn’t see one leak in that dam. Not a trickle of water was getting through it. You can hear the noise from the highway in the background, as I took this video. Very annoying.


I continued around, behind the island, intending to come back out the other side.


There are some colours deeper in the bush but, as you can see, from all these pictures, most of the colours here are along the highway.


This is the highway side that I’m facing now.


It was about at this point that I decided to get out on the island and walk around a bit.


As far as I could tell, there were no campsites on this island.


There were mushrooms though. đŸ™‚


After exploring the island a bit, I got back in the kayak and continued around the lake.

Actually, I did put one minnow on the hook, and sat there for a few minutes, but the traffic noise was unbearable and, as most of the readers of this blog probably already know, I’m not an avid fisherman by any means. So, I continued paddling around the perimeter of the lake, and made my way back to the truck.

It was nice to get back in the kayak though. I may get one or two more paddles in before my brother and his son arrive up here for the Fall Trip 2014, which starts on Oct. 9th. Weather for the trip, will certainly be a major factor. The weather has been all over the place lately, so there’s no telling, at this point, what kind of weather we will see on the trip this year.

After I got home from my paddle, I was able to do an oil and filter change on the truck, and also a grease job on the front end, so it was a very productive day. I did notice, while I was doing the oil change, that a major wire connection was left hanging by the ‘so called’ mechanic that replaced the starter on my truck last year. I’ve been having problems with my battery going dead for a long time now, and I’m wondering if this hanging wire, which is actually two large wires in one lug, is the cause of that.

Take it from me, you cannot trust any mechanic to do a good job on your vehicle. I hate bringing my truck in to get work done, and I will do anything that I can do myself, but I just don’t have the facilities to do larger jobs myself anymore.

We are now in for some more rain for a day or two, so I probably won’t be out and about until mid-week. I have options spinning around in my head, and it’s all a matter of which one I will choose at any given moment.


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