Colours From The Rooster

This post is in memory of an old friend, who has left this earth now, as we all will.  The world is now a less friendly place without Freddie.


The fall colours are starting to sweep over the rugged landscape of the north. Every day I see more and more trees showing the signs of the changing seasons. The weather has been unusually warm for the last few days, and although I don’t mind the change, my body doesn’t like these dramatic climate changes, and it’s letting me know, in no uncertain terms.

I’m having to take a few days off to let this old relic catch it’s breath, so I haven’t been able to get back in the kayak yet. The trouble is, my mind wants to do more than my body is willing to do right now. After all, I have been on a torrid pace of hiking for that last little while, so taking a breather is no big deal

Also, I have the annual Fall Trip coming up, and I want to be in fine shape to enjoy that to the fullest. It’s the weekend now anyways, and there are quite a few vehicles on the road up here, to enjoy the fall colours. I’ve even seen the tour helicopter flying over this area a lot, so the fall attraction has begun.

I got up Friday morning, with the intention of taking it easy for the day, but I find it difficult to hold myself back when the sun is shining on a beautiful fall day. I decided to take a run over to Rooster Rock, to see how the colours were coming along.

I knew that we were nowhere near full colours yet, but I don’t really need that much of a reason to visit Rooster Rock. 🙂


I made my way in, on my usual off road route, but I did notice that they had some heavy machinery in here widening the access road. I can see no other reason for doing this except for tourist access to Rooster Rock and, if you ask me, they made a mess of it. The entrance now looks like a construction zone, whereas, before, it looked more natural. But, that’s just me, most of the time I just don’t get people anyways, so what do I know?


The colours are still progressing and, as I mentioned in the last post, I expect full colours in between a week, and two weeks more.


Looking down from the Rooster, one can get a very good indication of how the colours are progressing.

As you can see, there are a lot of colours, but it will get much nicer than this yet.


Quirke Lake is having one of it’s rare calm days, and the paddle is definitely calling me, but I know that I have to slow down from the hectic pace I’ve been on lately. A little bit of rest is in order, but not too much. 🙂


It’s easy to see why I’m so tempted not to slow down. This is the best time of year for me, and I want to take as much advantage of it as possible.


When I see this flat calm water, all I can think of is that I should be out there paddling right now.


One island is on fire, and the other one, behind it, is still fairly green.


Again, I am completely alone up here, and the silence is golden.


Way out there, across the water where you can see the colour, is, what I call, The Rooster’s Hen.


It was cool, when I left this morning, so I wore long pants. I’m now paying for that indiscretion, by sweating my ass off. It’s really difficult to know how to dress this time of year.


It’s quite open up here on the rocks, with very little shade.

I had intended to go up to Cobre Lake, to do some fishing today, but I put the kibosh on that idea last night. However, that doesn’t mean it’s off the list of possibilities.


By this time, I was really kicking myself for not wearing my shorts, and I wanted to get out of the sun.


I’m getting close to the Rooster’s head now, and I will head back after I reach that point.

After that, I started to head back out towards the road. I still took some more pictures on the way though.


It always amazes me how trees can grow in this land of rock but, what little soil there is, gets caught in the cracks of the rock, and that’s where the seedlings take root.


I love being in this wild country, and I know that I’m very fortunate to be able to enjoy being here.


Last year, the fall colours did not produce too many reds. You can see that this is not the case this year.


I’ll be back out on the Rooster again, at some point, to check the progress, and take some more pictures.


I’m right back out at the main gate now.


I stopped at Moose Lake, while driving back out, to take a couple of shots.


I try to fit as many moments of enjoyment as possible, into every day, and I would advise everyone to do the same. No one knows when those moments may come to an end.


How appropriate. Moose tracks beside Moose Lake. Sometimes things are just the way they’re supposed to be.


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