Early Fall Colours

Just thought I would do a local walk and take some shots of the early fall colours up here. From what I can see now, I expect that the colours this year will be much more vivid than last year. We had a cold snap, and now we are back into warmer temperatures, and mostly sunny skies for a while.


The colours that we are seeing now are, for the most part, along open areas such as roadways, hydro cuts, or around waterways, where the trees are more exposed. I’ve been deep in the bush, and I can tell you that it’s still pretty green in there.


Of course, the colours of leaves are not the only colours around. The magic world of mushrooms is also on fire these days.


As I took a walk, on a local ATV trail, I came to open areas where the vibrant colours could be seen through the green trees.


It’s such a celebration of life, all this colour, before the big sleep arrives, with it’s monotone whites and greys.


The reflections off the water double the colourful display at Prodan’s Pond.

IMG_0037 Panorama

Most of the colourful wildflowers that carpeted this field are gone now, but the trees are picking up the slack nicely.


Walking along Milliken Mine Road, it’s not hard to find photo-worthy scenes like this.


I put many hours of walking in along Milliken Mine Road all year round, because I don’t have to drive there. It’s so nice to have places like this, that aren’t too far away, to go to and enjoy the magnificence of the great outdoors.


Having a nice blue sky only adds to the beauty of it all.


This is at the end of Milliken Mine Road, looking into the Lacnor Mine site. It’s also the beginning of the Fire Tower Lookout Road, which I will be walking up today.


A pond along the Fire Tower Lookout Road.


Once I get about halfway up the Fire Tower Lookout Road, looking back in the distance, I can see Lacnor Ridge. This shot was taken at full zoom which, in the case of this camera, is 35x, or around 840mm in SLR terms. I still can’t get over how unbelievably fantastic this camera is. Again, I’m using my Canon PowerShot SX40 HS.


Lacnor Ridge once again. Just amazing.


About two-thirds of the way up the Fire Tower Lookout Road, I found these unusual flowers still blooming. I don’t know if they were dumped here, or if they are wildflowers. While I was bent over photographing these flowers, a lady in a van stopped and asked me if I was okay, since I must have looked like I was ready to cash in my chips from the long uphill climb.


Here, behind an array of colours, you can see one of the communications towers at the top of the road.


A single leaf in colour. I took a number of shots of these single leaves because it’s amazing how different, even the same species of tree can look.


This is Lacnor Ridge again, on the way down. I used to call this Pole Ridge, when I didn’t know it’s proper name, and if you look closely, at the top, right side of this photo, you can see the old hydro pole sticking up into the sky.

By the way, I don’t take pictures from the Lookout anymore because it faces south, into the sun, and the colours just get too washed out for my liking. I do have a CPL(Circular Polarizing Filter) on order, and that may help with these types of situations. We’ll see.


Back down at the bottom of the Fire Tower Lookout Road.


It was such a nice day, after we just went through that cold spell, so I took my time today, enjoying every second of the beauty.


More single leaves.


Right now, I’m looking at getting back out in the kayak on Friday, for some fishing up at Cobre Lake. Of course, I don’t make plans, so that might, or might not, happen. Again, we’ll see.


This single leaf almost disappears in a mass of colour.


It won’t be long until all these leaves are carpeting the ground.


A Great Blue Heron, hiding in the shadows of the waning daylight, on the side of a pond along Milliken Mine Road.IMG_0135

My hiking stick, stuck in beside a big mushroom, just to give some sense of the size of these things.


Another, interesting, single leaf.


It looks like this one can’t make up it’s mind. Must be a female leaf. 🙂


All Maple leaves, but so different.


One last mushy, as the sunlight fades.


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