Quirke TMA Revisited

As I mentioned in my last post, I have now visited all the mine sites in this general area, but I have not finished exploring all of them. Many of these sites have lots of roads in them, and I haven’t explored all of them yet. This is the case here, with the Quirke Tailings Management Area.


It was another amazingly beautiful day, as I walked past the main gate at the Quirke TMA.


Last time I was here, I found a guy fishing for minnows in this tailings pond, so I guess the water can’t be all that bad, if fish can live in it. However, I did bring my own bottle of water, so there will be no need to test that theory personally. 🙂

After listening to the videos I took on this hike, I can tell that there is much improvement in the wind noise situation. It’s not perfect, but I’m going to call it acceptable for now. I do have a secondary setup for the wind noise that I could install, if things are not going as well as I’d like, with what I’ve done so far.

So, I’m off and running on this hike to the Quirke TMA, and I will be exploring different roads this time, than I have in other visits to this site. Usually, I head north, when I’m exploring here, but this time I will be heading to the south end of the site.


Looking back, as I walk up the hill, and into the Quirke TMA.


At the top of the hill, I turned left(south) at the Pump House, and now I’m in ‘new’ territory.


One of he tailings ponds/lakes here in the site. I took this shot into the sun for a reason. With my old Olympus camera, I never would have gotten a shot like this. It hated being pointed anywhere near the sun. This Canon camera has just been amazing, and you will see that I’m getting better and better a figuring out the correct settings for the type of shooting I do, especially with the videos.

IMG_0017 Panorama

These rock dams are always nice to walk along, the view is usually pretty good.

IMG_0023 Panorama

Looking back, to where I came in, you can see the Pump House in the distance on the right side of this shot.


I head into the bush for a bit.


Signs of fall are popping up all over the place now. I saw the chief weather guru’s predictions for this coming fall and winter this morning, and those predictions were pretty predictable. Meteorologist speak like politicians, covering any possible outcomes, so that they can never be proven wrong. Here’s my prediction…..Whatever happens will be the weather we get. How’s that for accuracy!


While I was walking along the road, I saw this rocky area through the bushes, so I went off road to investigate.


I came out onto another dam.


After taking some pictures there, I got back out to the road, and continued my hike, now heading west.

IMG_0036 Panorama

I came to another clearing, and now I can see that same dam that I was just out on.

I know that this video is not playing, but I can’t fix it. Something must have gone wrong when I uploaded it, and I don’t have the video anymore, so I can’t re-upload. Such is life.

This gravel road that I’m on was well used, but that would change very soon.


The road continued through a fairly open area, and I was enjoying the cool sunshine, and fresh breeze.


Again, in the distance, to the middle right, is the Pump House, where I came into the site.

IMG_0046 Panorama

I’m also getting better at these panorama shots. I’ve been working on my technique, and I think that I almost have it down. As I mentioned before, I don’t use the camera software to create these panoramas, I use a program called PTgui.


The road is now starting to move away from the familiar area of the tailings ponds/lakes.


This is another entrance to the site, and it’s why the road I’m now on has been so well used. After this, the roads seem to diminish somewhat.

IMG_0053 Panorama

I really like when I can get up to a high spot, and look down on the surrounding wilderness.


You can see now, that the road is looking a little less travelled. I’m shooting into the sun now, so that’s why the pictures are darker.


Another glimpse of the tailings ponds/lakes, as I move away from that area.


Back into the bush, on an ever diminishing road.


Another opening in the bush, as I make my way along this not so well used road.


Hmm, a fork in the road. Which way to go? Well, I made a mental note, before I started this hike, that, if the option arose, I would keep to the right. I often do that, when I’m in an area I don’t know, so that, if I find myself lost, I can retrace my step back out, knowing which way I turned. So, right it was.


As it turns out, this road went down to another dam, and did not continue on the other side.


Still, it was a nice area to see, and I certainly wasn’t in any hurry.


One last shot, and I turned around to head back to the fork in the road.


On my way out, I saw this mushroom growing in the middle of the road. I like taking pictures of mushrooms, and you will see others as I continue my hike.


I went back to the fork in the road, and this time I took the left road.


It seemed to be leading me deeper into the bush, which is what I expected, since I had taken a quick look at the map, before I came here.


I don’t know why, but I just thought that this was neat, the way the shadow of the plant fell on that rock. 🙂


This small lake has no name, like many of the smaller lakes in the north.


That was the dam I was on, when I took the right fork in the road.


Well, now I’m faced with another conundrum. This road is closed, but it doesn’t say no entrance, keep out, or go back, so I’ll just be cautious, and continue, right? 🙂


Wow, this is a pretty neat road. I like this.


Now that the fall is approaching there weren’t that many bugs either, so I really enjoyed walking through the quiet wilderness like this.





More mushrooms, along the way.


I have to say, there was a magical feeling walking along this pathway through the wilderness that no one uses anymore.


Farther, and farther, into the bush I continued, jumping over downed trees along the way.


How neat is that? Nature reclaiming what belongs to it.



More interesting mushrooms.


I had been walking, for quite a while, on this old, closed road and, quite frankly, I didn’t know where the hell I was. I made the decision to turn around here, and I took my Galaxy Tablet GPS out to trace my route back, as I walked.

I wasn’t , at all, sure that I would be able to get a fix on my location in this dense bush. I could hardly see any sky above. However, when I fired up the GPS, it located me in less than ten seconds. I was impressed, to say the least.

When I checked my location, I saw that I was not far from a lake, so I decided to continue, at least to that point.


Looks like an opening ahead.


Through the bushes I see a lake, and a stone causeway.



More fascinating mushrooms.


The long closed bush road finally opened up onto a rock dam.


I took my time walking along this remote dam, enjoying the breeze, and the sense of freedom from everything.


Again, I got a glimpse of a lake, and a stone causeway, through the bushes, and I was now getting the feeling that I knew where I was.


I went back into the bush road, still heading forward, not reverse, because I now felt that I could make this hike into a loop, and not have to return the same way that I came in.


The bush road came out onto a more well travelled road, and I knew where I was now. I had circled around to the north side of the site, an area that I have already explored.

IMG_0122 Panorama

I knew that I could follow these causeways back to the main gate.

So, it all worked out well in the end. I now know a nice loop hike that I can take, should the urge arise again, at some point.


This was one of those perfect days for photography. With the clouds in the sky, and the sun mostly behind me, I took advantage of the glorious conditions.


IMG_0137 Panorama


Hell, I was feeling so good I even stopped to take a picture of this vagrant I came upon, wandering aimlessly around, as if he had no home. 🙂

IMG_0148 Panorama


I took a leisurely pace, as I made my way through the causeways, back towards the gate.


This area is an excellent area to ride a bicycle too, lots of flat, open roads to explore.

IMG_0159 Panorama

Of course, I’ve explored this area a few time already, but it’s always different, depending on the weather.


I don’t think the weather could be any more perfect than it is right now. And, when it comes down to it, right now is all that matters.

IMG_0165 Panorama

I didn’t see another person on my hike today. I didn’t hear another sound, other than the wind through the trees.

IMG_0173 Panorama

Here, I’m on the hill, on the road back out to the gate.


Another fine hike, on an unbelievably fantastic day.


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