Won’t Be Long

The way things are going, it won’t be long until I’m back in the paddle again. My hands are getting better each day, and I don’t expect it will be more than a week until I’m ready to give it a go.

Even though I’ve been taking it easy on my hands lately, there’s nothing wrong with my feet, so I went out for a nice walk today, up to the Lookout Tower, and I did some more wildflower watching as I went.


The white water lilies are very prevalent now, in the swampy areas.


They are definitely not at their peak yet though.


Most of the birds have finished nesting now, and the young ones are out and about, learning how life works.


Colour is the order of the day, in the open areas, and along the edges of the bush.


There are so many different types of wildflowers everywhere.


Even the end of this log looked like an interesting picture to me.


I never get tired of wildflowers, and it’s always neat to find ones that I haven’t seen yet.


This raven was giving me the ‘evil eye’ as I was walking up the Fire Tower Road.


Looking out of the Cupola, that used to be on top of the Fire Tower, that’s part of the town of Elliot Lake down there.


This picture was taken from the bigger Lookout building.


A tunnel through the bush, on the way back down.

Here are some pics of wildflowers that I took on the way back;

















Wild strawberries.

IMG_0130 Panorama

So, life has made it easy for me to rest my paddling hands, after I injured them on my last outing. We’ve had some heat/humidity, some rain, and mostly windy conditions lately. I probably wouldn’t have gone paddling anyway, so that was a bonus. As for my intentions, when I do feel that my hands are up to it, I’m not really sure. I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I will be doing a solo camping trip at some point this summer, and I will also be doing a camping trip with my brother, and his son. In between those, I’m sure that I will be attempting some more fishing trips, that usually turn into sight-seeing, and exploring day trips, so that should keep my paddle busy.

I am still looking at getting a smaller kayak for remote lakes trips, but that will only happen if it happens. My eyes are open, but I do not see. YET!!

I haven’t forgotten about the ebike either. It’s still on the back-burner, because it requires my full attention, when I do decide to get back into it.

I have purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, to take over from the ipod/GPS setup that I was using to this point. I like the ipod setup, but I’m just finding that the screen is too small for map reading. I will do a report on how the Galaxy is working out, when I’ve had a chance to use it.

And so it goes. 🙂


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