Wildflower Wednesday Walk

I put about 15kms on my feet today enjoying the many types of wildflowers in this area. It was a bit of a breezy day to go paddling, so I took the opportunity to get some, much needed, walking time in for a change.

I’m intending to hit the water again tomorrow, so there should be another post coming up soon, for that. But, I do love walking, and I haven’t been doing as much as I usually do lately, so I was glad to take this day to capture these images of some amazing wildflowers.


The wild roses have started blooming, and the smell is in the air. In fact, the whole wildflower population is filling the air with that wonderful, sweet, and fresh smell that so many perfumes try to imitate, but can never capture.


The insects are happy to see the wildflowers too.


I don’t know the names of all these different types of wildflowers, and I’m really not interested in learning them, but I do enjoy looking at them.


The wonders of nature are never more apparent than when you look closely at these natural creations.


From the, seemingly, simple…..


To the more complex.


Wildflowers come in all shapes and sizes, and colours.


I always feel sad for people who fly by in their cars, never knowing the beauty that’s all around them, if they’d just stop and look.


Either singly, or in a group, these flowers are simply stunning.


Looks like wildflowers can have a bad hair day too ๐Ÿ™‚


Some more wild roses. There are lots of them in this area.


The colours are always so vibrant, and alive.


Another wildflower pushes its way up to the sun.


I’ve noticed that yellow seems to be the most popular colour for wildflowers. There must be a reason for this, but we mere mortals may never know.


However, I’m very grateful that they’re not all yellow, even if yellow squeaks its way in there.


Wait a minute! That’s not a wildflower. My picture taking was interrupted by this snapping turtle, who insisted that I take its picture too. I wasn’t going to argue, so I just ‘Snapped’ to it ๐Ÿ™‚


I did say ‘Smile’ but I don’t know if it got the message.


Sometimes I run into a mass of wildflowers, all together, like these.


But, I still like to get a shot of one flower, closeup, to show the wonderful complexities in them.


There are way more types of wildflowers than I can show here. I just pick the ones that I like the most.


I know that these ones are called Lupines, and I’ve heard stories about them being poisonous, but who’s gonna eat wildflowers anyways? I’m sure that animals know what they can eat, and what they can’t eat.


I don’t know, for sure, if all of these are, technically, wildflowers, since people do toss plants they don’t want into the bush around here, and some of them take root and grow wild.


I guess that, maybe, you could call them Feral Flowers.


Still, if something can thrive in the wild, it does deserve some credit.


The bells, the bells!! Wasn’t that a line out of The Hunchback of Notre Dame?


There were lots of them too.


Pink bells, and blue bells, but no hell’s bells.

So, that’s the wildflower walk for now. I’m sure I’ll get the urge to do another wildflower walk at some point though.


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