Fired A Blank

I always watch the weather conditions to try and pick the best days to do the things I want to do in the great outdoors. After all, I don’t need to do things on the weekends anymore, like I did when I was a working stiff. However, the weather forecasts around here are dismal, to say the least, and it’s not uncommon to go to bed with one forecast, and wake up to a completely different story.

Quite often I find it more useful to actually check the radar, and satellite views that these weather stations provide, and then decide for myself what it might, or might not, be like on any particular day. I’ve actually seen weather coming, that wasn’t in the forecast, or seen it clearing, when no clearing was predicted.

Anyway, I like to be as self-sufficient as possible, so deciding on my own forecasts fits right into that lifestyle. Still, when it comes to weather, the best anyone can do is take an educated guess, even with all of the technology we have at our disposal these days.

Today, I got up early intending on doing some more fishing. When I awoke, I took a look out the window, and I was satisfied with the current conditions, so I got ready, and headed out to a lake called Flag Lake.

Between the time I looked out the window, which is what most so called ‘meteorologists’ do, and when I arrived at the lake, conditions had changed. The wind had now picked up to, what I felt was, an uncomfortable level for fishing. If this had of been, strictly, a paddling trip, then I would have continued. But, this was intended to be a fishing trip, and this was not a very big lake to change it into a paddling trip, so the decision was made to wait until tomorrow.

Of course, now that I’m retired, it was no big deal. It’s not like this was the only day I had to go fishing. It’s not too often that I will actually get to a lake and decide that I’m not going to go, but it does happen, and I just let it roll.


The view at Flag Lake.

While I was at Flag Lake, I did want to check out another close by lake called Hidden Lake. There is no vehicle access to Hidden Lake, just a trail that goes into it. Sounds like my kinda lake!

I parked my truck at the entrance of the trail, and started walking in. It didn’t take the mosquitoes long to find me, but I was determined to get in and see this lake. The trail wasn’t too bad for a while, but then it took a turn downward. A steep drop meant that carrying the kayak in would be a bit difficult, maybe not so much going in, but certainly coming out.

I did reach the shore of Hidden Lake. Looks nice enough, and I wouldn’t mind getting the kayak in here to do a little fishing. I doubt that it’s a heavily used lake, because of the difficult access. However, I wouldn’t be doing it today, like I said, I found that the wind conditions were just not conducive to fishing from a kayak, so this adventure would have to wait. I didn’t get any pictures of Hidden Lake because the sun had just come up, and it was blinding.

Sometimes one just has to be patient, and wait for the right moment, and I’m getting much better at that than I used to be. I can always find something to enjoy in the mean time, even if it’s doing absolutely nothing. The weather is sunny today, so maybe I’ll go for a walk.


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