Two Days, One Post

I’ve been out for the last two days, one, I went for a walk, and the second day, I went fishing. So, I thought that I would combine the two days into one post.

I haven’t done all that much walking since the ice age came to an end, because the early spring was a disaster, and then I went on our Spring Trip, in the late spring. However, I really do want to get back into my walks, and hikes, now that the weather is, finally, looking more reasonable for this time of year.

I did get out for a walk of about 10kms yesterday, and here are some of the things I saw along the way.


A large snapping turtle, feeding on a dead perch, in the river between Horne Lake and Elliot Lake.


Another smaller turtle, catching some rays on a log.


Part of the trail I was walking on, along the shoreline of Elliot Lake.


Now I’m over at Sherriff Creek Wildlife Sanctuary.


Where I see another turtle on a log.

IMG_0021 Panorama

Panorama of the pond at Sherriff Creek.


Colourful flowers are, once again, making their presence known.


Two little trees at the edge of the pond.


Why in the world anyone would want to have a campfire here is beyond me.


The water lilies are just starting to pop their heads up. Pretty soon this whole pond will be cover with, mostly, white ones.


One of the observation areas along the way. I didn’t see anyone else while I was in here today.


While walking back through Westview Trailer Park, I noticed that they had a whole bunch of new picnic tables there.

Anyway, that was yesterday. I had been intending to do some more fishing, since I am now Oh-Fish-Al, in other words I have my fishing license for this year. So, I chose today to head out, early in the morning, to a lake known as Lake Twentythree.

I had never paddled this lake before, so that was one of the reasons that I chose this lake. Also, it wasn’t all that far of a drive, and I am looking for lakes that are not too far, where I can catch some trout. Spending a lot of gas money on going fishing is not in my budget, and it makes no sense to me to add that cost to catching fish for dinner.

You just can’t get good fish anymore, in the grocery store, at least not around here. All the frozen fish is from China, even if it says Product of Canada on the label. What a shame, since we do have so many resources for supplying quality fish, both on our coasts, and from countless inland lakes.

However, even if quality fresh fish was available, the cost would probably be too high for my liking. That’s why I decided to get my fishing license. I did try some fishing last year too, when there was a Provincial free fishing week, and I only caught one, not so great to eat, Largemouth Bass.

This year I’m after Trout. They are easy to prepare, because they don’t have any scales, like most other fish, so I can just cut off the head, pull out the guts, and throw them in the frying pan for dinner. Or, I can do the same, and throw them in the freezer for later. I’m not a big fan of having to fillet fish. I’ve done it before, and I don’t like it, besides I’m not too good at it anyways.


I arrived at Lake Twentythree at about 7am, a little later than I would normally like to arrive, but not too bad. When I got out of the truck, I was immediately put upon by all manner of insect. However, when I walked to the waters edge, to have a look, before I set course for destinations unknown, I noticed a group of nice sized fish, not far from shore, in the shallows.

I couldn’t tell what kind of fish they were, but they were certainly eating size, so I quickly assembled my rod, which is a really neat, and packable, setup my Dad gave me, when I was just a kid. It’s a very compact Daiwa Mini-Cast System, which is, at least, 50 years old, but it works great, and I really like it.



I made a few casts out, farther than the fish were located, and I attempted to bring the lure, a Mepps Number 2 Black Fury, into their range. No takers. I tried a few times, until I could no longer stand the vicious, coordinated, attack from both black flies, and mosquitoes.

I decided to set up my kayak, and make waves for the open water, where I might be able to find some refuge from the tiny vampires that threatened to carry me off into the bush, and have their way with me. To make things a bit more difficult, I was trying out a new setup with my trusty AdvancedFrame kayak, so it took me a bit longer, since I had never set it up like this before.

The one vulnerability of this kayak is the inflatable floor, since it is not covered by the heavy duty fabric, which all the other tubes are covered with. Also, it is in a very damage-prone place, right under my feet, and I do wear my hiking boots every time I go out in the kayak. So, I decided to experiment with using a fairly dense foam as a floor, to see how that would work out.

This was the first trip using the foam floor, and I hadn’t figured out at which point the foam should be put in place yet. I now know that I should put the foam in place after the kayak is half inflated, otherwise it’s too hard to shove it under the fully inflated tubes. I found this out the hard way, of course, while I was being savaged by the insect world all around me.

I will give more details about this modification in a separate post.

Anyway, I got the kayak inflated, and set off for anywhere but here, being chased by a cloud of partying pestilence in a feeding frenzy.

This next video immortalizes how I was feeling at the time(amazingly, no foul language involved 🙂

Even my commentary on that video was a bit off, because of the stress I was under with the deluge. I’m a bit calmer in the next one;

Eventually, the bugs did leave me alone altogether, but they would return.

Since I couldn’t find any fish in Lake Twentythree, I decided to move over to another lake, which wasn’t too far from this lake, to see if I could improve my chances.

Here’s a picture of one of the small Rock Bass that I caught;


The lure is almost bigger than the fish, I don’t know how it intended to swallow that.

Anyway, I continued down the lake, back towards where I had parked the truck, fishing all along the way, at different spots. I did finally catch a Trout, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for;


A bit bigger than the Rock Bass, but still not much of a meal here. I let this little guy go, and was content that, at least I caught a Trout.

I continued to work my way back towards the truck, and I tried my hardest to come up with something worth eating, but it was not in the cards today. I’m not giving up though. I will return another day, and another day, until I find a reliable local location to catch trout.

It was of some consolation, that I did still get to enjoy the natural beauty, even though I didn’t catch a keeper.



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