Spring Trip 2014 Part Five

Where did I leave off last time? Oh ya, we had just come to the end of a long bay, and reached the portage to Friday Lake. We are now heading back out of that long bay.


Coming out of the long bay, and into the main part of Mewburn Lake again. We briefly discussed heading over to the portage into Kindiogami Lake for a rest, but it was almost as far as going straight back to our current campsite, so we headed towards the campsite.


Heading into the narrow gap, once again, which will take us behind the big island, and to our campsite, behind that island.


And there it is. My brother has already arrived, and me and my son are not far behind.


Sad, but true.


Hmmm, looks like we’ve got weather coming in.


Yes, we even had a picnic table at this fantastic campsite, even though it only had three legs, we made it work. That’s my son trying his hand at a little fishing, even though he doesn’t eat fish. I guess he was going to donate his catch to his feeble old man.


Does that look like rain to you?

IMG_0934 Panorama

Here’s a wider view.


Look! The beginnings of a double rainbow.


Snake!! A double rainbow, a snake, what next?

IMG_0979A Panorama

Ask and you shall receive! A full double rainbow and, believe it or not, a Bald Eagle flew right through that rainbow, as we were watching it. How many times in a lifetime do you think you might see that?


My son, getting a shot of the event with his iphone.


My son, helping out my brother, who is desperately trying to cook a Trout on the fire, before it starts raining.


I don’t know if that’s a rain dance, or a rain stopping dance that my brother is doing there.


Fact is, we didn’t get much rain at all, just a few drops, but we did get a heck of a nice sunset!


And so ends another fantastic day in the wilderness.

IMG_1013 Panorama

Had enough yet? To be honest, I can never get enough of this kind of stuff. This is what I live for.

IMG_1024 Panorama

The morning after. Not so colourful, but just as inspiring.


Now we had to have breakfast and start packing up, in order to get back towards the launch point. We didn’t have to head out yet, but we needed to be close enough to the launch point, so that it would be an easy paddle out the next day. This meant that we would have to find another campsite for the upcoming night.


The morning coffee is on.


The morning sun shining on some neat little bell flowers in our campsite. Blueberries maybe?


Minnows swimming by the shoreline of our campsite.


It will be sad to leave this beautiful place, but I can always go back to it, on my blog, whenever I want to.


What’s this? A tourist?


All packed up again, we head out towards the portage into Kindiogami Lake. I didn’t take too many pictures on this stretch, because we had already seen this area a number of times. However, me and my son had talked about running the river, which I could not paddle up against when we were coming in. If we ran it, we wouldn’t have to portage all our stuff, or at least our kayaks.

The decision was made, I would run the river first, and then my son would follow, if I made it. 🙂

This video, and commentary is compliments of my brother, and is quite colourful. 🙂

My son chose to run the river fully loaded, however, I wasn’t about to do it with the Packlite attached. I was already having enough trouble with the Packlite, and I didn’t want to make things any worse, not that it could have been too much worse.

So, that’s where I’ll leave off now for this post. There will be one more post for the last leg of Spring Trip 2014.


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