Spring Trip 2014 Part Three

So, before I get into the continuing story of our Spring Trip 2014, I did promise to post a video, and picture of me pulling the Packlite, which my son was kind enough to take.

First, here’s a picture of my cargo setup, which I used throughout this trip;


I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to paddle with this setup. Certainly, I could feel the weight of the Packlite behind me, but it was quite manageable. I wasn’t going to break any speed records, although I didn’t find it to be all that challenging to keep up with the other guys.

I did make some errors in the way I added the ‘trailer hitch’ in order to attach the Packlite to the rear of my AdvancedFrame kayak. The main error being that I didn’t do a good enough job when I attached the loop to the very tip of the AdvancedFrame’s stern. I only glued it on, when I should have done a much more secure attachment, such as sewing it in place, or even putting a couple of small fasteners on it.

It didn’t take long for the bouncing effect to break that loop off, so I had to use a flat braided nylon strap to make the connection, after the loop had failed. However, it continued to pull very well after I had made the necessary adjustments.

I intended to make some changes to that connection, when I returned home but, again, that is a moot point now.

Here’s a short video, compliments of my son, with me pulling the Packlite;

As far as I’m concerned, this part of the Packlite experiment was a success, and it handled very well as a cargo trailer. However, air leaks started to dog the Packlite for the remainder of the trip, and these leaks had nothing to do with any modifications that I had made to the Packlite in order to pull it as a trailer. I’ve explained this more fully in a previous post, so I’m not going to go there again. What’s done is done.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have now purchased another kayak, a Dragonfly 2 XC in order to carry the cargo necessary for these longer camping trips. I will be using that on an upcoming trip with my brother and his son.

Now, back to the Spring Trip 2014. When I left off in the last post, we had arrived at the river between Mewburn Lake, and Kindiogami Lake, and we had set up camp and caught some nice Trout for dinner.


The weather started to clear a bit, so we decide to take an exploratory paddle along part of the Mewburn Lake shoreline.


As before, we were not only enjoying the scenery, but we were always on the lookout for possible camping sites as we paddled.


You can see, in this picture, that the skies were definitely clearing.


We liked what we were seeing in Mewburn Lake. It was very quiet, with a more remote feeling about it.


My brother, in his canoe, had to keep an eye out for shallow water, and rocks just under the surface, whereas me and my son didn’t have a care in the world, as far as hitting bottom or rocks goes.


We moved, slowly, along the shoreline of Mewburn Lake, taking in all the lake had to offer.


We did get out, to stretch our legs on that small beach area to the right.


Here we are, landing on that beach.


We took a walk in the bush, and found this big tree, with all kinds of woodpecker holes near the bottom.


Look up. Waaaay up!!


We also found a river, just a little bit further ahead of where we had landed.


We returned to our boats, to go and investigate that river.


The call was made, to rally the troops, and we pushed off from shore.


We soon found out that this was no river. It was just a narrow passageway around a big island.


Behind that big island, we found what was probably the best campsite we saw on this whole trip. That left us with, what again turned out to be, a difficult decision. Do we go back, take down the other campsite, and return to this, much better site?


We headed back, a move was in order, although not unanimous. However, I do think that everyone did come to realize that the move was the best choice, although it did mean the extra work of setting up camp twice in one day. This is the camp setup we made back at the portage into Mewburn Lake.


The river, which me and my son chose to run, in our kayaks, on the way back out of Mewburn Lake. My brother took a video of those runs, so stay tuned for that.


My brother tried some more fishing when we returned to the portage campsite. We hung around, and rested up a bit, before we made the move to the real nice site we found on Mewburn Lake.


We packed up camp, and away we went, fully loaded once again.


This time we weren’t interested in taking the slow, scenic route. We knew where we were headed, and we took the quickest route possible.


We arrive at the narrow section of lake, again, that leads around to the back of the big island.


We pulled into the sheltered waters behind the big island. It was an idyllic spot.


Me and my son saw this bird, a smaller raptor by the looks of things, but were unable to identify it.


Finally, after a long day, we had reached home for the night, and it was such a nice campsite that we would, eventually, agree to stay for two nights. That was unanimous.

IMG_0657 Panorama

The view from our newest campsite.

I’m going to end this post here, and continue with a Fourth installment.


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