Just Two Days Later

How fast things can change. Another beautiful sunny day today, so I went out, again, to check on the lake conditions, and also to take in some of that sunshine. The set of pictures you will see in this post, will be similar to the ones in the last post, so that you can notice the change in just two days.


Over at Elliot Lake, there is no ice in sight now. That didn’t take long, did it?


The sun is real nice, but we’re still struggling to get into the double digit temperatures here.


Conditions are good for paddling, but not just yet. I learned last year that, it might seem like all the ice is gone, but you can’t really tell in the distance, if it is or not.


At full zoom, I think I do still see some ice, way out there.


Just two days ago, water was right up to where I was standing, when I took this picture. Now, it has dropped back to more normal levels.


As you can see, the docks are on dry land once again too.


The parking lot at the boat launch is empty right now, but there is one lone fisherman right down at the end there. I didn’t even see him until I walked a bit further along. Speaking of fishing, it is Oh-Fish-Al. I am now legal to fish in Ontario for the coming season. Yes, it’s true, I broke down and purchased my fishing license while I was getting my license plate sticker for my truck yesterday. Will wonders ever cease!


Pretty soon this bush will be seething with clouds of blood-sucking bandits, looking for a free lunch. It would be nice if they held off until we get our Spring Trip done, in the last week of May.


I had considered a long hike into the Stanleigh mine site today but, my gut said not today, and I listened. I will do that hike soon though.


Crystal clear water rushing under the bridge over the river that leads from Horne Lake to Elliot Lake.


I’m on the return trip now, that’s Westview Park, on Elliot Lake. I’m across the highway, in Westview Trailer Park.


These are the campsites in Westview Trailer Park, which is open now. They’re fully serviced sites, with hydro, water, and sewer hook-ups, but there aren’t that many of them. I’ve never counted them, but there might be ten or twelve sites. The building on the left there is the washrooms.


It’s right beside the highway, but the highway is not all that busy, especially at night.


At Horne Lake, I can clearly see that there is no ice left on the lake.


A couple of Mallard Ducks enjoying the fine weather.


Those are Sandhill Cranes. It’s not a great picture because they were way up there, soaring on the breeze.


A Red Winged Blackbird, showing it’s colours. Everything is coming alive again.



Now that I have my fishing license, I might be down on that dock a few times this summer. I know there are lots of fish in there, because I see people catching fish off this dock all the time, and they do hold the annual Ice Fishing Derby in this lake every year.


My first paddling adventure this year will likely be packing in to a remote lake with my new ultra-light kayak. There is a chance that I may still run into ice though, so I’m waiting until I feel that the ice should be gone. Just because these lakes around here are mostly clear, it doesn’t mean that all the lakes are. The farther north you go, the more likely there will still be at least some ice, and I will be going a bit north for my first remote lakes adventure.

I do have all my equipment ready now though. After solving some unexpected problems, with both the kayak, and the new pump that I bought just for this kayak, all the stuff I will need to pack into the first remote lake is assembled.


This is the pack I will be carrying into remote lakes. It contains everything I need except water, food, and my camera equipment. I may not bring my whole set of camera equipment though. I might just put one camera in the pocket of my PFD there, I’m not sure yet.


I would say the pack weighs between 15 and 20lbs, so it’s not too bad. I’ll be carrying it for a total of 8kms on the first adventure.


I put it on, and it does feel comfortable enough, but I do want to find a way to lock the shoulder straps across my chest, so I don’t have to continually pull the straps up along the way.

Anyway, it should be a very interesting year for exploring, with this new equipment. I’m not sure yet when I will be getting back to the ebike project, which is also a new piece of equipment I will be using, at some point. It requires the influx of more funds, so that will be the determining factor.


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