The Recession

No, not the economy, the ice! You know me, I don’t get involved in such lofty subjects as the economy. There are too many people, lost in their minds, out there that would almost certainly get their silk shorts in a knot, and flood my blog with their facts and figures. I live a much less dramatic lifestyle out in the bush, where things are peaceful, and simple, and most of all, much more enjoyable.

So, I continue to watch, as the ice recedes. Just thought I would pop in here for a quick update on what’s happening right now.


This is the situation down at the lake, for which the town was named after. As you can see, lots of progress being made here. We’ve had some persistent rain for the last few days, so I imagine that this is going to help with clearing the ice off the lakes.


Walking along the lake, towards the Municipal Boat Launch, it’s nice to see that flat, calm water again.


There is very little snow left on the ground now, only in the darkest bush areas, and where it was piled up in mountains.


The Municipal Boat Launch. As you can see, there are people down here once again, since the snow had cleared from the parking area. Some of them are fishing, and some are just having a coffee, while enjoying the scenery.


The water is quite high down here, although it’s nowhere near as high as I thought it would be, after that quick meltdown of so much snow.


The water does not normally come past that red bush out there. The area between where I took this picture from, and the red bush is parking lot.


The docks appear to be floating away, but that is not the case. The water has just come up past them. This is probably as high as I’ve seen the water rise, but it came up pretty high last year too, so it’s not terribly unusual.


Over at Sherriff Creek, the pond is completely free of ice now, as is the case for most of the smaller, and shallower, bodies of water in the area.


Life will, once again, quickly start to blossom in this protected sanctuary.


What’s this!! Back over at Elliot Lake.


It appears that someone has beaten me to the punch this year. However, I wouldn’t go out in conditions like this. This guy is only fishing, so it doesn’t matter that he can’t go very far without running into ice.


The ATV trails, for the most part, are clear now, but there is a lot of mud to contend with, given all the melting, and the rain combined. This is when ATV’s do the most damage on the trails. There were many roads going into the bush around here that were once passable by ordinary road vehicles. However, once ATV’s started using them, especially in soft conditions like this, those road became impassable except by ATV’s.


This is the situation with Horne Lake at the moment.


A fair amount of open water here too. I’d like to get back up to Quirke Lake to have a look there, but I’ve used my quota of gas for the month of April, and I have to save my May quota for our spring trip, so I can only reach places that I can walk to for now. With gas prices at $1.44 a liter, that can eat into my budget pretty fast. However, I am intending to go back to the Stanleigh mine site, since I’ve now been able to verify that all the mine sites, including Stanleigh are open to hikers. If you remember, I went to Stanleigh a couple of weeks ago, and I ran into a sign I’d never seen before prohibiting hikers. Turns out this sign was just temporary, allowing the workers to complete some kind of project they were working on. I’ve been assured, by Denison Environmental themselves, that all the mine sites allow hikers, so I was real happy about that. The Stanleigh mine site is one of my favourites, since it goes for a very long way into the wilderness, and there are some very nice lakes in there.


Ahh yes, the quiet of the wilderness, where you never know what might be lying in wait for an unsuspecting hiker to pass by. A bear, a cougar, a wolf, or even a Sasquatch!!!

However, if you are venturing into the wilderness, especially if you are taking your children, you will need to know which animal is the most threatening of all, by far. In fact, more than all the other animals combined.

Read it and Weep!


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