Time To Move On

I mentioned, somewhere, recently that I had hit a possible snag regarding the Packlite ultra-light kayak I had just purchased, I don’t know if it was here, or somewhere else. Regardless, it seems that, what could have been just a small issue, has now turned into a much bigger issue, and I’m not interested in any kind of drama, at this point in life. So, I’ve just decided to move on.

When I first received my new Packlite kayak, I inflated it, and left it inflated overnight, something that I recommend everyone who purchases one should do. The next day, it seemed like the kayak was softer to me, but I was also thinking that it was just my imagination, or that the thin skin of this ultra-light kayak was just stretching a bit.

So, I put some more air in it, and left it for the next day. Again, the next day, it did seem softer, not easily noticeable, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was a leak somewhere. For the next few days, I kept an eye on it, until I was firmly convinced that this inflatable kayak was definitely leaking air.

I then set out to find the leak, a task easier said than done. The first things I checked were the main spring valves, which had given me a problem when I got my first kayak, but the main spring valves were not leaking. So, then I knew that it was going to mean going over the whole kayak, to see if I could find the leak.

I knew, from previous experience, that the best way to find this kind of a leak, was to wet the whole kayak down with soapy water, and watch for bubbles, so I got a soapy rag, and did just that. I saw nothing. As the days went by, I continued my search, by wetting down areas, again, that I felt might be more susceptible to leaks, like seams, and places where the kayak had been welded.

I still couldn’t find the leak, so I got up one morning, determined to go over this kayak with a fine tooth comb, centimeter by centimeter, until I found where the air was leaking out. I got a spray bottle and filled it with soapy water, and went about, systematically, spraying, section by section. I did the whole boat like that, very carefully. Nothing!!

I was just standing there, in front of the kayak, ready to throw my hands up in the air, and I bent my head over in frustration, only to notice a larger bubble on the top surface of the main tube. I took a closer look, and realized that this bubble was getting larger. I had, finally, found the leak.



I felt, somewhat, vindicated after so much searching, and questioning whether I was just imagining things that weren’t there. But now, my frustration just turned directly to disappointment. I had been singing the praises of this company for years now, even after my first kayak had arrived with a similar problem. I felt that it was just an isolated incident, so I let it go.

I know that this leak was already there when the kayak arrived, since I inflated the kayak the same day that it arrived, and the next morning is the first time I noticed some softness that was, somewhat suspicious, but not definitive. There is no question in my mind about that. However, I had made some modifications to the kayak during the time that I was noticing the softness, and I knew that this would be questioned, if I was to complain about the kayak arriving with an air leak.

Since this is the second ‘isolated’ incident, on my second purchase, I did feel compelled to speak up about it, and I did so. I said what I had to say, and now that’s it for me. I’m not interested in getting involved in any drama. I will no longer be endorsing, or commenting on the company involved, I will just be referring to these boats as my inflatable kayaks from now on.

End of story.

So, moving on, today I will be repairing the leak in my ultra-light inflatable kayak, and I will watch it for the next few days to make sure that this was the only leak, and I feel that it was. I will still be doing a review on how it performs, and how the mods I made to it are performing, here on my blog.

With the annual Spring Trip getting closer, I want to be sure that everything is working properly, so as not to interfere with the enjoyment of our trip. Enjoyment is, after all, what life is all about. Hanging on to past resentment, or worrying about what might happen, in what we, falsely, see as the future, impedes that enjoyment, so it’s best just to let it go, and ENJOY!!!


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