The Spring Trip

This year, I created a list of 6 possible locations at which me, my son, and my brother could do our spring paddling trip. I decided to have each of us list all 6 locations in order of preference, so that we could come up with one location that satisfied at least some of our preferences. I was pretty sure that at least one of us was not going to get their first choice but, as it turned out, none of us did.

However, taking into account all our lists, it was clear that one choice was the overall winner. That choice turned out to be the Kindiogami Lake Route. Here it is;

We already know the road up to the point where it goes off Kindiogami road and into the launch point at the lake. It’s about 7kms from Kindiogami Road to the launch point, so it’s a fairly long road in. It’s hard to tell from the map, how good that road is, but it does narrow as it approaches the launch point. Also, I don’t know what the parking situation will be like. It doesn’t look like there is a large clearing at the launch point.

Looking at the overall route, it does look pretty interesting. It has a very intricate shoreline, with lots of inlets, bays and narrow passageways. There are also a total of 21 islands along the route. As with most of the Mississagi River system, water levels can fluctuate due to dam activity. Some of the passages into the smaller lakes along the route may require a short portage when water levels are low.

The route will take us into Mewburn Lake as well as Kindiogami Lake, and there is access to some smaller lakes along the way. One of them being No Speakum Lake, which is an interesting name. Sounds Indian to me 🙂

Speaking of access to other lakes, if one was inclined to do a 480m portage, and a couple of smaller portages, you can actually reach Rocky Island Lake from here too. I don’t think that will be on the agenda for this trip, but it was interesting to see that.

The fish species available on this route are as follows; Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout, Whitefish, Brook Trout and Pike. Also, there is a Kindiogami Lake Dam we can visit. All of this route will be within the boundaries of Mississagi River Provincial Park, not to be confused with Mississagi Provincial Park.

There are only two designated campsites along this route, one being right at the launch point, and the other at about the half way point. However, I’m sure that we can find other suitable camp sites, possibly on the islands.

There are a couple of very short portages, in fact, so short that you can probably see across them, nothing to be concerned about. There is a spring bear hunt this year, so we will have to keep that in mind. We had a rather unfortunate encounter on our trip last year with some inconsiderate hunters.

This trip will, tentatively, take place in the last week of May, so we might just squeeze it in before the hordes of bugs arrive on the scene.

I am somewhat leery about access, not only because we don’t know the road, but also because many people rush into the bush in spring with their large camping trailers to plop them on the best sites available, for the entire summer season. Of course, this is not legal but, due to lack of enforcement, it happens every spring and summer.

Last year I tried to get into a recommended lake for fishing and, every time I went there, the whole area was blocked by someones camping setup, including a large trailer and various tents. The worst part is, that you need to drive right into these places in order to find out what the situation is, and those roads going into the lakes are very narrow, too narrow to turn around on. I really don’t know how some of these people get those huge trailers in these spots.

So, it’s just a matter of going in and taking your chances. Fortunately, we do have backup, since I listed 6 possible locations for our spring trip. Also, the location we chose happens to be right in the middle of the other 5 locations, so it wouldn’t be game over if we couldn’t get into this particular location.

So, there it is, our spring trip is on the launch pad and ready to go. My kayak setup this year might be a bit different than on past trips. As I’ve been saying in previous posts, I will be purchasing a new, more compact model called a Packlite. My intentions for this inflatable hybrid raft/kayak are to use it for backpacking into remote lakes, but I also intend to use it as a ‘trailer’ for my original kayak, for camping gear on trips like this. There is never enough room in my original inflatable kayak for all my gear, and I usually end up passing some of it off to my brother who paddles a canoe.

There will be a full blog post report on this trip, with lots of pictures, when it has been completed.


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