Title of Blog

Readers will notice that I have now changed the title of this blog.  However, I have not changed the URL, so there is no action required by you, the reader.  I’ve been looking at changing this for a long time now but, as we get older, things take longer to sink in, and I didn’t want to do something that would cut off the few readers that I have, especially my family.  Everything will remain the same for the readers of this blog, you will still get email updates when I make a new post, and you don’t have to change any bookmarks you might have for this blog.

I just felt that PresentlyWandering better reflects the life situation that I find myself in at the moment.  I can still go back to the PresentlyTravelling title if I should find myself in that situation again too.   In fact, the URL for this site will still read presentlytravelling.wordpress.com.

I know that the blog has been rather quiet this winter, but there’s not much we can do about the weather, so we just need to allow it to be what it is.  I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed this winter all that much, but that’s life.

I’m still working on building my ebike battery, but it’s slow going.  The daytime temperatures are starting to look a bit more like they would usually look at this time of year, instead of how they would look at the North Pole.  That’s not to say that spring has sprung here, that’s definitely not the case.  Right now, it looks like it will be a late spring, even though the calendar spring is just a few days away.

Today we are getting another winter storm but, as soon as conditions improve, I will be out and about again, to explore, and blog about, the many fascinating areas around here.   I will be continuing the ‘Hiking the Highways’ series of posts, and new this year will be a ‘Remote Lakes’ series of posts, which will be made possible by the addition of the Packlite raft/kayak that will be forthcoming.

There will also be more wilderness paddling trips with some of my family, as well as exploratory trips by myself.  I’m intending to get a bit farther out, now that I’ve explored most of the area that’s relatively close to town.

So, my wanderings will continue soon.  Stay tuned!


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