Mild? What’s That?

Well, finally, after months of frigid Arctic temperatures, we are seeing some milder weather for a change. That’s not to say that we’ve got it made in the shade, because I do see more double digit minus temperatures headed this way for next week. However, I got a much needed, opportunity to get out for a bit of a leg stretching hike up to the Lookout Tower, for the first time this year.


It had been sunny in the morning but, as I started my walk, the clouds began to roll in. However, the sun would reappear as I continued on my way.


Is it just me, or does this picture seem to defy gravity?


Near the end of Milliken Mine Road, the clouds started to clear. This is hard weather to dress for, at times during this hike I was so hot I had to take my coat off and carry it. At other times I was feeling a bit cold.


This is the beginning of Lacnor Ridge, which is very long and narrow. At the lower right, you can see the yellow gate that leads into the Lacnor mine site. I won’t be going that way today.


Even though the gate on the road leading up to the Lookout Tower is closed during the winter, they do plow it now and then because there are installations up there that maintenance workers need to get to.


It’s a pretty good workout getting to the top, and this is what you are greeted with when you get there. There was a ton of deep snow on the ground, so getting into the Tower is a bit of a challenge.


It was nice to, finally, get up into the Lookout building, just to take a break from the long slog to the top. The sun was out but, one thing you can almost always count on up here is some kind of breeze, and it was a cold one.


Here you can see the type of snow I had to struggle through, that fence, below, is about four feet high and the snow is almost over top of it. Also, since it was mild today, it was a bit hazy, so distant pictures will not be as sharp.


Looking out across the rugged, frozen landscape.


I didn’t stay up there too long because, when I was coming up, I was sweating like crazy, and the breeze at the top cooled me off pretty fast. You know what Survivorman says, “You sweat, you die”


On the way down, you can see Lacnor ridge again, in the distance.


If you look closely at this picture, you can see the lone hydro pole on top of the right hand peak. I call this pole ridge, and I go up there in warmer weather for a 360 degree view of the surrounding area.


This might be a monumental spring for runoff, since there is still so much snow on the ground.

I was certainly grateful for a nice enough day to get out and enjoy the quiet of winter, that hasn’t happened too much this season. We now have another storm system heading this way, and colder temps in the forecast.


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