Fishing for Money

That’s about the size of it, and size does matter in this case. Actually, it’s mostly length that matters, right? Okay, no more fooling around here, lets get down to business.

The word is out, and the contest is on. The 2014 Elliot Lake Ice Fishing Derby has been announced;


Forget about your lotteries, where you have virtually no chance of winning. Here, there’s much better odds, and the first prize is nothing to sneeze at. Second prize is pretty nice too.

Of course, the problem for many people will be location. If you don’t live in Elliot Lake, chances are you’ll have a long drive, and if weather conditions are poor, then that could throw the kibosh on the whole deal.

Last year we got a good dumping of snow on the morning of the Derby, but we still got 700 contestants on the ice. My son was among the hopefuls but he didn’t fare too well on his first attempt at this Derby. If the weather happens to be favorable this year, we could break the thousand mark, which would mean a first prize of fifty grand!

That’s not peanuts, especially since an enjoyable day of fishing is all you will have to endure to collect it.

Usually, the winner of this Derby will win with a pike, since pike tend to be long, narrow fish, and this is how they determine the winner, by length. Also, it seems that the most successful contestants are using live minnows as bait.

Last year there was lots of snow on the ice, and this year will be no different. It does make things a bit difficult for walking, but once you get to your hole, then it’s all standing, or sitting around for 3 hours.

The worst problem is the water between the ice and the snow, and this year I hear it’s a real problem. When there’s deep snow on the ice, it creates a layer of insulation, and the snow melts on top of the ice, leaving a slushy layer between the lake ice and the layer of snow on top. This makes for a sloppy mess, both to walk in, and to snowmobile on.

Anyway, it is what it is, and I’m sure that the turnout will be fairly good no matter what the conditions are like. After all, it’s not every day you can go out fishing and come home with 35 to 50 grand in your pocket.


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