Winter is Official

Seems like winter has been here for a long time, but our calendar now says it’s official, not that it means anything other than to the human mind. After all, we created ‘time’ and we segmented it into seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years.

Why did we do this? We did it because our brains can’t comprehend anything that doesn’t have parameters. In other words, our minds need a beginning and an end to everything, in order to process, and understand it.

So, the official arrival of ‘winter’ has no meaning to anything else on earth, or elsewhere for that matter, other than to the human mind. Just wanted to put things in perspective.

Today we’re having a winter storm, so there will be no outside time for me. Not that I couldn’t go out if I wanted to, but it wouldn’t be very enjoyable. Some people must go out in this kind of weather, if their jobs require them to, but I always see people, who really don’t need to be out in that kind of weather, going out anyways. Just another one of those things in life that I just don’t get.

However, I have been out and about when the weather calms down a bit, which has been happening very little this fall, and now winter.


Another thing that has officially begun is the ice fishing season, as is demonstrated by these folks out on Horne Lake.


Some brave, or some may say foolish, souls are now venturing out on the ice of Elliot Lake with their snow machines.


A bridge over frozen waters.


Here you can see snowshoe tracks crossing the ice on Prodan’s Pond. Trouble is, that’s a flowing river right there, so the ice will be much thinner in this location. They were lucky this time.


We’ve had our fair share of snow before winter even started this year and, after the 10cm we’re supposed to get today, I’m thinking that all winter sports will be in full swing.


Of course, my favourite winter sport is the same all year ’round, walking.


The thing that I miss most in the winter is the sun. For the most part, we get very few sunny days in winter, although I can remember hot days in the summer when, no matter how many clouds were in the sky, the sun was always beating down.

I often wonder, if I lived in a place where the weather was always perfect, would I become jaded, and take it for granted? The answer is yes. This is one of those ‘human’ traits, and it can be seen in many areas of life. No one is immune.


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