I’ve Reconsidered

So, after I heard from a couple of my readers, I’ve reconsidered the change I made to the Comments on this blog.  My main purpose for making the change was to allow those, who did not want their comments posted on the internet, to feel free to comment via personal email.  However, it just dawned on me…..why not have both options?

To that end, I’ve reinstated the regular comments on every post, as it was before, and I now will also have the ‘Email Me’ link just above new posts, at the bottom of the Welcome page.  So, for those who do not wish to have their comments posted on the internet, they can now use that ‘Email Me’ link to send me a private email, which will not be visible on the internet.

I will continue to be open to any practical changes that might benefit both me, and the readers, so I would encourage any input for my consideration on that subject.  It’s not like I have a ton of readers, but if something makes sense, and I haven’t thought of it myself, then I would certainly give some thought to implementing beneficial changes.

Thanks for the input guys.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Well thought out answer and thought process! There is a way for people who do not want to be seen to post anonymously with WordPress, so they can do it that way as well.
    Take Care,, wild_E


  2. Yep, Wild_E, I don’t always take a direct route, but I usually get there, eventually. 🙂


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