The Geese Are Flying

Early in the morning, a couple of days ago, I was lying in bed still and I heard a familiar sound. It was the sound of geese flying high in the sky, headed south. Nothing, more profoundly, marks the end of summer as the distant honking of Canada Geese in formation.

The vacationers are all gone, and the forest is once again mine to explore. I took a drive along Stanrock Road today, to check the access points into Gander Lake, which I’ve not been able to explore yet because those access points were all blocked but, today, all were clear. So, as soon as a nice paddling day shows up, I will be out there, early one morning, to see if I can find a portage on the other side of Gander Lake, that leads to another no name lake further in.

Also, I have a week-long fall trip coming up, with my brother and my son. We will be doing some paddling and camping at different locations along a remote logging road about 40kms north of Elliot Lake. We may also reach the area of Aubrey Falls, where we could do some extensive paddling into a vast system of waterways, without any portages. Of course, a lot will depend on the weather conditions, so no definite plans have been made yet, but I have put together a route map, so that we have some idea of where we will be going;

This trip will be a bit different than past trips, since we will be using our vehicles to sleep in, while we are along Kindiogami Road, and then, if we do reach the Aubrey Falls area, we will be switching to tent camping while paddling on the bigger lakes.

The hot humid weather is now gone, good riddance, and cooler fall-feeling weather has arrived. This has to be my favourite time of year up here. I went for a walk today and it was a beautiful sunny day, with interesting, wispy clouds in the sky.


I’ve been feeling a little bit under the weather, so to speak, which tends to happen to me whenever we have a significant shift in weather conditions. It’s sort of my shift from summer to fall effect, and it is an annual suffering for me. Anyway, I’ve now made the shift, and I’m back in full form for paddling and hiking.


There are always different types of wildflowers blooming up here, from early spring, to late fall.


The sky seems to get more blue at this time of the year too, probably because of the cool, clear air.


Some trees are definitely signaling falls arrival.


But the wildflowers have not finished blooming yet.

We’ll see what September has in store for us, as far as weather goes. It could get warm again, and I think that I saw a long term forecast calling for just that. However, no one can predict the direction that nature might take. Try as they might, with all their fancy equipment and satellites, it seems that just looking out the window is sometimes their only means of forecasting the weather.


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