An Addition to my Blog

Just wanted to post a note regarding an addition to my blog, which I just added today. At the bottom of each page of my blog, there will be a button called Print & PDF. Anyone can use this button to print out, or save a PDF copy of each page of this blog.

I’m not sure anyone would want to do this, but they could. I would only ask that any copies of my blog not be used for nefarious purposes. An unlikely scenario but, nevertheless, one just can’t be too careful these days.

When you click on the button, a window will pop up, and you will see your choices up in the top left side; Print….PDF…..Email. Just choose whichever option you would like.

Actually, I added this button for my own purposes. I can use it to create an offline backup copy of my blog, and I can also use it if I wanted to print my blog to a book format at some point. Very handy little tool.

Anyway, I was also thinking of my brother and his son, who just did a trip with me last weekend. If my brother wanted to save, or print out, the post of this trip for himself, he could easily do so.

There are probably tons of other things that can be done with the blogging tools available these days, but the older you get, the longer it takes you to learn new tricks. It took me long enough to get this button installed today so, unless I really need any more tools, I’ll probably just stick to what I have right now. It works for me.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Since you use WordPress, there is a backup feature that is much easier to use than backing up each individual page.

    Good idea on the PDF and print for other uses.
    now… nefarious uses.. hhmm


  2. Hey Wild_E, thanks for the tip, Ya, I did research other backup options, but I liked this one the best. I don’t mind the one time job of doing each page individually, and then I can just backup each new post as I create them. In fact, I’ve already done each post I’ve made thus far, so all is well. As for nefarious uses, you’d be surprised, or maybe you wouldn’t, since you are into being prepared for all kinds of disasters.


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