Nice but not Nice

As free fishing week continues, I am doing my best to get out fishing whenever I can. Yesterday, a storm front passed through, so I was stuck inside for most of the day.

Last night, the forecast showed sunny, and cooler, weather arriving for today, so I was up at 4:30am this morning to head out for another lake that I had not paddled before called Gander Lake.

Gander Lake is on Stanrock Road, and there are two access spots along the road, where I could launch the kayak. Unfortunately, there were people camped at both locations this morning. Since we are in prime holiday time now, this can be expected, especially at the more accessible locations.

So, I had to pick an alternate location. I did have options that I already had in mind, just in case I could not get into Gander Lake. I chose to try a no name lake/river that I had located on the map. It was just off Denison Mine Road.

Even before I went outside today, I saw that there was more of a breeze than I usually care for, which meant that there would be no glass-like conditions on the water today. However, as I said, the forecast showed sunny skies and nice temperatures, and the breeze was not that strong, so I headed out.

When I got to the edge of this no name lake/river, the breeze was a fair bit stronger, but the sky was blue as the sun came up over the trees. It was quite a bit cooler than it had been for the last week, so that was a relief but, with the breeze, it was almost too cool. About 13 degrees, with a breeze, and me being in shorts and a light shirt, bordering on being under dressed for the occasion.

However, since the sun was on it’s way up, I continued on, knowing that the sun would warm things up real quick. However, it was soon apparent that this was not going to happen.


There were ominous clouds rolling in from the north real quick.


And they didn’t look very friendly.

Still, I wasn’t about to give up when I just got there, so I paddled down the length of the waterway, with the idea that I could drift with the wind on the way back, and do some fishing.


Now, facing south towards the way I had come from, it looks not too bad.


But behind me, was a gathering gloom.

Anyway, not to be dissuaded, I got my little Chinese fishing rod ready, with a worm on the hook. I tossed it into the water, and bang! a fish hit it before I could even get set. At first I though it was a snag, but this snag was moving real quick, so then I realized I had a fish on. My little Chinese fishing rod was bent over at more than 90 degrees. This would be a real test for this rod.

I could now see the fish, and I knew it was a big one. It fought hard, and took off in every direction, but the little rod held. Eventually, I got it over to the side of the kayak, and was able to pull it in.


So, the first fish of the season has been landed, and a nice one it is. I had made up a stringer to put the fish that I caught onto, so I put the fish on it, and hung it over the side of the kayak, while I fished some more.

Again, as soon as the worm hit the water, another fish was on it. This time it was a much smaller bass, so I threw it back. Who knows what I would have done if I had not caught the big one first.

I wormed up again, and got back to fishing. A minute or so passed, and then I had another fish on, but this time it was a smaller catfish.

By this time the weather was looking dire. The wind was cold, and I started thinking about making a run for it. However, I just let the fairly stiff breeze blow me back down towards where I had parked the truck, and fished along the way. I got no more takers on the worm, so I tried my other rod for a while, with a lure on it.

By the time I got back close to where the truck was parked, it looked like there was a storm brewing, so I loaded up and headed back to town.


The proud fisherman with his first catch for many years.


Just about 17 inches long, a good sized Largemouth Bass.

So, the first one is in the books, but can I do it again? Frankly, I was not expecting to catch a Largemouth Bass. None of the fishing information I had for this area mentioned them. I was actually looking for a nice Brook Trout.

Anyway, I’ll take it. Now, I’m going to get some practice in how to fillet a fish. I’ve done it before, but many years ago. Looks like fish for dinner tonight!

Also, this little Chinese fishing rod has proved it’s worth now. That’s a fair sized fish for a little rod like this, but it had no trouble at all. Like I said, the best eight bucks I ever spent.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Wow…nice going, 🙂 You made my mouth water.
    Love the photos. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Posted by kennyboy on July 14, 2013 at 11:16 pm

    Cool! You must have been laughing! That’s a big Bass!


    • Ya, I was laughing all right, but not because of the big fish. I was laughing because of the tiny Chinese fishing rod that I caught it on. I was sure it was going to break in half, but it didn’t.


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