The Fortunate Fisherman

I say ‘fortunate’ because I’m lucky that I’m not depending on catching fish to survive. So far, I haven’t been able to catch a fish to save my life.

It’s not for the lack of trying though. I have been out and about, looking for those elusive Brook Trout, or even a sucker at this point would be welcomed. Here is a map of the locations that I’ve visited lately, with the intentions of catching some food for the table;

I haven’t been taking all that many pictures because my hands have been full with fishing rods. I say rods, because I’m using two fishing rods to try and increase my chances. One rod has a worm on the hook, and the other rod has lures of various kinds.

Today, I went to Ompa Lake. This lake is stocked with Rainbow Trout and, just last year, they put more than one thousand Rainbow Trout into this lake, but I still got skunked.


I got there just as the sun was rising, with visions of a nice Rainbow Trout for dinner.


The lake looked promising, and I was the only one there.


Well, there was this family of Loon’s there too.


Since I’d never been here before, I did some exploring before I started fishing.


The clouds were a bit threatening, and they were calling for possible thunderstorms but, as usual, they were only crying wolf. Not a drop of rain fell, and I was glad to have the clouds, since it was still pretty warm and humid.


Even though I didn’t catch any fish, it was still great exploring this lake. It’s a very nice lake.


There are two islands on this lake. This one looked a bit on the high side for camping.


This second island looked fairly flat and level, and could possibly be used for camping, although I didn’t see any existing campsite on it.


I picked up this little fishing rod off ebay for eight bucks. Best eight bucks I ever spent. It works real well. The rod packs up very small, and it can be carried very easily.


Anyway, I’m not done yet. I still have the rest of this week to find some fish. I have another spot in mind for tomorrow, if the weather doesn’t intervene. However, if it does, then I will be back at it again on Thursday. So far, it’s looking pretty grim on the fishing idea, but I’m not throwing in the towel yet.


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