The Ice Recedes

I took another run over to Dunlop Lake today, because a recreational map that I recently purchased shows another boat launch farther down Dunlop Shores Road. This launch would be closer to our intended portage on the other side of Dunlop Lake, so I thought I should check it out, to see if it would be suitable to leave our vehicles parked there for a few days.

I drove all the way in, as far as Dunlop Shores Road goes, and I saw no other boat launch. Anyway, we will use the launch that I’ve already scoped out, because it does have a nice parking area and a cottage close by to provide some security.

On my way back out of Dunlop Shores Road, I came across a moose standing in the middle of the road. As I approached, it ran off the road, and a short way into the bush, but I did get a picture of it;


It was a real nice day, with the temperature sitting at about 20 degrees Celsius, and the ice on the lakes looked like it was barely holding on.


This is Quirke Lake. I drove over there after I went to Dunlop Lake, because I wanted to check out another possible kayaking spot on May Lake. I’ve been to the trail leading into May Lake a number of times before but, every time I went there, there was a vehicle, or vehicles parked there, so I wanted to wait until I could check it out in peace. However, again, there was a van parked at the entrance to the trail, so I decided to wait for a quieter day.


The water levels are very high right now, and there are rushing rivers everywhere.


The temperatures are supposed to stay warm, so I’m guessing that I’ll be kayaking in less than a week.


This is the boat launch at Quirke Lake, the infamous launch where my truck broke down last summer. I debated whether to turn the truck off, or leave it running while I was here today. I, bravely, turned it off knowing that lightning couldn’t possibly strike twice at the same spot. Gulp!


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