It’s Over!

I hereby declare winter to be over. Today I did a 15km hike to the Lacnor mine site and it was the warmest day we’ve had this spring. I didn’t even need a jacket today. There’s still a fair amount of snow in the bush, but I did see some open water today on the smaller ponds.


It’s not much, but I’ve had my kayak inflated and ready to go for the last two weeks now.


There are small rivers everywhere, rushing with runoff.


But, if you’re hitting the trails, there’s still some snow to contend with.


Slowly but surely, the ice recedes.


There are areas where there is not a lot of snow left. These are usually open areas where the sun can do some serious melting. However, in the bush you will be up to your knackers in snow still.


The road into the Lacnor mine site was still snow covered, since there is no traffic through here.


However, Milliken Mine Rd has been clear for some time now, so it was a very enjoyable walk along here.


It’s really nice to see bare ground again. White tends to get a bit boring after a while.


Water levels should be nice and high for our upcoming paddling adventure.


I never get tired of the scenery around here.


A river that runs into Sherriff Creek pond, which is still covered in ice.


Be bear aware. New signs on the trails. Actually, this picture turned out kinda neat, if you look closely.


This guy wasn’t going anywhere, no matter how close I got to him. The post you see in the picture supports a bird feeder and there were all kinds of seeds on the ground for the taking.


Another sure sign of spring, a raven collecting grass for it’s nest, which is probably somewhere high and remote.


The warmer weather will probably make short work of the ice on the lakes.


This is Elliot Lake and, as you can see, there is a large area of open water forming now. It won’t be long until I can get my kayak back in the water for the season.


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