Snow and Ice Conditions

I went for a walk today to check on any progress that spring might be making, and I can certainly see that progress is being made. Since my post on the 13th, I can now see that winter is definitely loosening its grip. Compare these pictures, the first one being from the 13th, and the second one being from today;



All bodies of water are still under ice, but most of the snow on top of that ice has melted, so the sun is hitting the ice directly now.


The liquid area where the river from Horne Lake comes into Elliot Lake is growing larger by the day, although I can see no other open water anywhere else on Elliot Lake.


The parking area for the Municipal Boat Launch is showing some bare ground too, and it won’t be long until cars can, once again, drive in here and sit to have a coffee, like they often do.


This pond over at Sherriff Creek is usually the first body of water to open up after winter, but it’s taking its time this year.


However, the trails in this area are certainly looking like they are on the way to becoming bare ground.


Over at Horne Lake there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of melting going on, at least on the lake itself.


I don’t know if I’ve ever taken a picture of this huge wheel in front of Horne Lake. It’s the wheel from a mine head frame, which pulls the elevator up and down the mine shaft.

Another sure sign of spring is that they have now opened up the parking lot at the Miner’s Monument, another favorite place for people to stop for a coffee. So, I guess we can officially say that spring has sprung here in Elliot Lake.


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