Winter on Natures Terms

Just because our calenders say it’s spring, doesn’t mean anything to the reality of the natural flow of, what we call, the seasons. From what I’ve seen up until now, I won’t be surprised to see snow in May this year.

The bears came out of hibernation, but I’m sure that they’ve turned tail and headed back to that nice warm den for another few weeks. I’ve been getting out sporadically, when the weather perks up a bit, and I did so today, even though it was snowing a bit, now and then.

I can only stay inside for so long, and then I just gotta go, in order to retain my sanity, although some would say that there’s nothing to retain. The sun did threaten to break through the clouds a few times today, but old man winter says no.

If you doubt my words, let me make things a bit more clear;


This is Westview park, beside Elliot Lake, still deep in the grip of winter.


There were some meager signs of melting, for those that are really desperate for any change that might signal warmer weather, but the flow of the river is what is keeping this water liquid.


You can tell from the sky, that it means business, and it’s going to do just what it wants to do, no matter what we have to say.


Over at Sherriff Creek things are as quiet as the dead of winter. Once this pond opens up, it will be teaming with wildlife.


Another area where the flow keeps ice from forming.


Most of the rivers I’ve seen are open.


The ATV riders can wait no longer and, as you can see from the tracks, they are now using the snowmobile trails. There are still snowmobiles out there but the trails are on the decline.


Horne Lake is still being used for travel, and I don’t think there is any chance of someone breaking through the ice at this point.

I am very grateful for the amount of sunshine we got this winter, so I can’t complain about an extended winter. However, I do have a 5 day paddling/portaging trip coming up in mid May, so I’m getting a bit concerned at the lack of melting thus far. Anyway, it’s out of our control, so come what may.


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  1. Love your pictures, thank you for sharing.


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