Quirke One Mine Site

It was fairly mild out today, and there was a possibility that we might see some sunshine, so I decided to take a hike at the Quirke One mine site. I had two reason for doing so. First of all, the last post I made was about a visit to the Quirke TMA, which is right across the highway from this site, and I wanted to get back this way to check out the actual mine site. Secondly, during my research of the area I noticed, on Google Maps(satellite), that there were a bunch of white objects that looked like camping trailers in an area just to the northeast of this mine site, on Little Quirke Lake.

I knew, before I even went in, that I might not make it all the way in to check out the area where I saw the trailers and, as it turned out, I was correct.

Anyway, lets take a look at where I did go;


Actually, I took this photo on my way out, so the blue sky and sunshine that you see here is not the way it was when I was hiking. The sun just came out when I was nearly all the way back to the truck.


This is a river with a small waterfall that I passed on the way in.


This is one of those candy cane pipes that they put in the covered mine shafts to let the air out. There were a few around this area and I’m not sure where the actual main shaft was. It was in this general area though. Some of the covered mine shafts have cement slabs on them, so it’s easy to see them, but many of them are just covered with earth and all you can see is the pipe sticking up.


I passed the mine site and headed off into the bush to the east on what appeared to be an ATV trail, although motorized vehicles are not allowed in these sites.


Looking back at my tracks on the trail, you can see that the snow is not all that deep but you’d be surprised at how much more difficult it is to walk, even with this amount of snow.


I walked for quite a ways on this trail, and a lot of it was uphill and I was starting to overheat, so I stopped for a while and took my jacket off to cool down. While I was stopped there, I took out my GPS to get my location. I was definitely on the right trail, but there was still a good distance to go, so I decided that this hike would be better done when there was no snow on the ground. I placed a balloon on the map where I turned back, and a straight line to where I saw the trailers. The trail was not that straight but it’s very hard to see it on the satellite shot. You can zoom in on the area beside the lake to see those trailers I’m talking about.


I decided to have a bit of fun on the way back by taking pictures of myself. I just had to stick my walking stick in the snow and attach my camera to the top of it and set the timer for 12 seconds.


I got a picture of this guy sitting on the snow. Bugs in the winter time?


They sure know how to make a guy feel welcome around here.


When I got back to the mine site area, I took some more trails around there to check it out.


It was pretty gloomy for most of the time I was in there but, just as I was heading back to the truck, the sun made an appearance. That blue sky sure makes a big difference doesn’t it?

Anyway, it looks like we’re in for a dumping of snow tomorrow, so I’m glad I got a chance to get out today. I’ll be back here in the spring to check out those trailers on Little Quirke Lake.


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  1. Posted by Avril Frame on December 23, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    Love the shots ………..especially of you and your pants! I see you will be having a White Christmas ……….. and it looks like we will be here too ….. but not as much white as you have. Have a joyful holiday season ……….. and don’t forget to trek back here for a while in the New Year. Big Christmas Hug, Bro.


    • Hey, what’s wrong with my pants….hahahahaha, I guess I’m gettin’ a bit loose in the drawers…..hahahaha. but ya know, I don’t care all that much now. I appreciate your wishes and ya know I’m always living life for what it is. Don’t know if I’ll be back that way any time soon. I’m havin’ too much fun up here. Living life on the edge of the wilderness is who I am. The quiet and the feeling of being the only one on earth is more than I can put into words. I take every day with gratitude and a gift from the powers that be. Lots of snow up here and winter is on the menu. I guess I’ll have to try out those snowshoes soon. A Christmas walk would be in order here I would think. Let’s see how the weather holds out.


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