The North Pole

Well, not exactly, but close enough. As I was going out today, I never expected to end up where I did. It’s been cold and rainy/snowy for the last week or so, and I was just itching to get outside for a walk. I even considered going kayaking but the weather window didn’t seem like it was going to be long enough for that, so I headed out on foot.

As I was walking down Milliken Mine Road, I felt good and the air was nice and fresh, so I started thinking about where I might go. I got to the end of Milliken Mine Road and kept going, and here’s where I ended up;

That was certainly not where I expected to end up when I set out today. It’s not exactly an easy hike but, once I got going, I didn’t want to waste this nice weather, because you never know when the next nice day will be.

The lake in the foreground is Sherriff Lake and the farther one is Crotch Lake. As you can see, the leaves have fallen, for the most part.

There are still some colours to be found though.

This is the road going up to the Stanliegh mine site.

Up the North Pole. The infamous lone hydro pole on top of Lacnor ridge.

Get ready for some noise.

Anyway, it looks like a very short fall season for this year. The hot summer ended fast and we went straight to single digit temperatures. I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to take the kayak out again, but I’ll keep my eye on the weather for any possible opportunities.


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